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Why did Rabi Pirzada ask to leave Pakistan?

Former Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada, who left the world of music, complained about social attitudes, stating the reason for people leaving the country, saying, “She too will leave soon.”

31-year-old Rabi Pirzada, who has been in the news for various reasons, indirectly mentioned the self-criticism in a message released on micro-blogging site Twitter on Thursday, comparing Pakistanis and Indians on occasion.

Rabi Pirzada said in his tweet that ‘in fact, there is a reason why people leave Pakistan. Let me confirm today that Indians are much better than us. They never criticized me.”

Addressing singer Adnan Sami, who renounced Pakistani citizenship and adopted Indian citizenship, he added, “I apologize for what I have said in the past. This nation does not deserve talent, neither your voice nor my paintings.” I will give up too.

Users who responded to Rabi Pirzada’s tweet either expressed their grief or anger over his announcement to leave the country or remained interested in his reasons.

Responding to Rabi Pirzada’s tweet, Adnan Sami expressed his best wishes for his future and wrote, “Find happiness and health wherever you choose to live.”

Rabi Pirzada wrote in response to Adnan Sami’s tweet, “We always tried to humiliate you, accuse you of things you didn’t do” When this happened to me today, I realized how you feel. I apologize to Adnan Bhai too.

Adnan Sami once again replied to Rabi Pirzada and wrote, “Many people make decisions even on things they do not know. They have no right to it. Advising Rabi Pirzada, he further wrote, “This is your life. Live it as you wish.”

When Rabi Pirzada came forward with the exact opposite of the impression created by the tweet based on the announcement of leaving Pakistan a few hours ago, he wrote, “Pakistan is in my blood. Your words or derogatory remarks cannot change my feelings about Mother Earth.

Users who were angry at the announcement of leaving Pakistan kept announcing to follow and block him, but after knowing the background of the matter, some users kept urging the critics of Rabi Pirzada not to do so.

A few days ago, a tweet from a handle called ‘Rabi Pirzada Volunteer Force’ was criticized. Rabi Pirzada said that he had nothing to do with this tweet.┬áIn a separate tweet on Thursday morning, he wrote, “When I can’t stop abusing someone, how can I stop saying that?”

It is clear from Rabi Pirzada’s Twitter timeline that the tweet of the handle called ‘Rabi Pirzada Volunteer Force’, the criticism levelled at it and the heated debate over Rabi Pirzada’s response are the reasons for mentioning the reasons for leaving the country.