What is the role of experiments in vaccine development?

Unless the results of laboratory experiments prove that the results are positive and encouraging and that scientists do not identify and believe that the vaccine or treatment developed is effective, Is not sent to the next step.

Humans need a large number of volunteers to experiment. The Pfizer / BionTech vaccine has been tested on about 400,000 volunteers.

In this process half of the volunteers are vaccinated with the prepared vaccine while the rest are given a simple solution. In this process, researchers and volunteers involved in the experiment are not told who has received the original vaccine and who has received the simple solution, unless their laboratory results have been analyzed. This is done so that there is no bias in the process.

The results of all these experiments are independently tested and evaluated.

Corona vaccine experiments have been carried out very quickly, but no steps have been taken during this process.

Vaccine trials at Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company Astrasnica were stopped at one point on a voluntary basis to find out why one in thousands of people involved in the experiment died. The vaccine trial was resumed after it became clear that the person had not died from the vaccine-related cause.

Approved vaccine or treatment or Who?

The use of any new vaccine on humans can only be authorized by an institution set up for this purpose in any country.

This is the work of the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) in the UK, which allows use only if it is satisfied that its human use is safe and effective.

“The public must be convinced that the standards we work on are world-class,” said Dr. John Rene, head of the first organization to approve the corona vaccine for general use worldwide.

The vaccine continues to be tested after approval to ensure that it has no harmful health effects or long-term effects.

Anyone suspected of having or suffering from the harmful health effects of this vaccine can complain to the Drug Regulatory Agency.


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