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What are you doing in life, ‘all three are cute’

It usually happens that even if you think of making a video hiding in a corner of the house, the people of the house often try to spoil the video unknowingly and many times deliberately to tease or tease. Sometimes the younger siblings would do it, sometimes the whole video has to be made again because of the mother’s voice coming from the kitchen.
This is what happened to Babar Ali, a well-known actor in the Pakistani film industry, whose video is being shared on Instagram and Twitter platforms.
Actor Babar Ali shared his video on Instagram and wrote, “It always happens to me whenever I start recording something.”

It can be seen in the video that Babar Ali starts making videos to record some lines of serious poetry and his daughter tries to come in the video on which the actor addresses his daughter and says ‘Zainab is not this glass’. Yes, I am making a video. When Babar Ali stops his daughter, his son intervenes. The actors instruct the two not to come again, after which the two children leave.

Babar Ali repeats these lines of the poem, “O life, what can I say to you, what have you done to me, where no one has given me hope, I have reached this stage and I cannot stop …”

His video is not complete yet, the two naughty children come back and dance again, on which Babar Ali’s video is once again incomplete.

With the sound of laughter of both the children, these words are also heard.

Actress Yamna Zaidi wrote, “All three of you are very cute.”

Instagram user Sana wrote, “This video with your kids made my day. The funniest thing on the internet is your kids.”

The video of Babar Ali and his children is being liked not only on Instagram but also on Twitter. Twitter user Ali wrote, “My nieces and nephews do the same to me.”

Earlier, actors often made tick-tock videos with their daughter, which are also very viral. A Twitter user shared a video of Babar Ali with his daughter on Tik Tak and wrote ‘Father like Babar Ali’