Types of people in your office

The Boss:
This person has authority over everything, even your bathroom breaks. He/she makes you work your butt off and barely gives you credit for it. Some bosses make you work so much that they end up making your dead ancestors dizzy. There’re many kinds of bosses. Some inspire while some make life miserable for their employees. Either you look up to your boss or you absolutely hate your boss; you’re in trouble if you dare to go against him/her.

The BossThe deputy:
This person acts like he’s in charge while the boss is away. He tries to impose office rules everywhere, even in the bathroom. His job is to add to everyone’s worries and to spy on all his colleagues.
The gossip machine:
This colleague of yours has nothing better than to collect gossip all day and then spread it to the far ends of the world. Seems to be ‘the deputy’s’ favourite person.
gossip machineThe hungry one:
This person is always hungry. Only talk about food, all the time. I am sure this one even dreams of food.
hungry oneThe blue-eyed boy:
This one is the boss’ favourite. The boss loves this one no matter what. This one is a perfect example of a perfect employee. Punctual, determined and self-motivated.
The blue-eyed boyThe talkative one:
This employee of yours never shuts up, ever. You’re always hearing boring stories of their life.