Hakim Muhammad Said, a true writer, intellectual, scholar, philanthropist and an innovator is a person whose legacy is still in many diverse forms.

Hakim Said as a person:

He was popularly known as Hakim Said, especially because of his established Hamdard Dawakhana. It was an institution his father created before partition. Hakim Said was always very positive and enthusiastic about Pakistan and what all this country has to offer.  His work for the country can never be forgotten.


Hakim Said’s legacy:

He established ‘Madina-tul-Hikmat’ (city of wisdom) in outskirts of Karachi.  Today it houses different institutions of higher education including Hamdard University. Hakim Said was always very fond of interacting with children and was a popular figure among them through his writing from a children magazine, Naunehal. Hakim Said also served as Governor of Sindh.

His organization “Hamdard Foundation” was mainly focused on traditional medicine. Then the foundation diversified their fields in departments of higher education, social work and publishing (we all remember reading Naun-e-haal in our childhood)

Hamdard is one of the largest production facilities of traditional or herbal medicines in Pakistan. Hakim Said’s work in reviving traditional medicine is considered to be pioneering in contemporary times. He also got it recognized by established bodies like World Health Organization (WHO).Hakim Said was a man with vision and wisdom. We can see that through the things he established in his life. Keeping in view the importance of the library in any university, Hakim Mohammed Said Shaheed a philanthropist and the founder of Madinat al-Hikmah decided to establish “Bait ul-Hikmat” Hamdard Library.

 Awards and recognition:

  • Sitara-i-Imtiaz Award by the President of Pakistan in 1966
  • Kuwait Prize for Tibb-i-Islami (eastern medicine) in 1983
  • Nishan-i-ImtiazAward by the President of Pakistan in 2002
  • Many prominent personalities of Lahore gathered at the Hamdard Center on his death anniversary in 2011, to pay tributes to him. He was someone who was a role model, honest and had the love for humanity.

To know more about him, watch the interview he gave to Naeem Bukhari.