The four different types of Pakistani pappi’s

Every person goes through the pappi effect once in their life. Here are the top 4 pappi’s that we love:

  1. Khala ki pappi:

Pakistan is a country where families are very close to each other and whenever you go to your khala’s (Aunt) place, you get a pappi and sometimes it’s the thook waali pappi. No matter what happens, we love our khala’s.

  1. Eid pe milnay waalo se pappi:

Eid is an occasion where people meet and greet with hugs but sometimes you get a pappi as well which embarrasses us the most. We’ve all been through that but then again it’s eid.

  1. Altaf bhai ki pappi:

Last month, Altaf bhai gave pappi’s to everyone through his video. It was one legendary video. Everyone had been talking about “Aik pappi idhar, aik pappi idhar”. Last night, another video went viral in which Altaf bhai was giving pappi’s to bachiya.

Here’s the video of the legendary pappi:

  1. Waqar Zaka ki papi:

A few years ago, Waqar Zaka gave a pappi to a snake. It was an extremely scary scene but he had kissed the snake with a lot of confidence and called it “The kiss of death”.

Which of the pappi’s is your favorite? If there’s any other pappi that we have missed, then you can let us know.