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Rama Meadows Gilgit Baltistan


Rama Meadows Astore district Gilgit Baltistan. We have to travel to Rama MeadowsSo to travel to that point we need 7 – 8 hours. The distance

Sapat Beach & Chandragup Balochistan

Sapat Beach & Chandragup Balochistan


Sapat Beach Buji Koh Sapat Beach & Chandragup Balochistan. The beaches of Balochistan are beautiful beaches in the world I am counted. Blue seas,


rama meadows gilgit baltistan

Rama Meadows Astore district Gilgit Baltistan. We have to travel to Rama MeadowsSo to travel to that point we need 7 – 8 hoursand. The distance from Rama Meadows Astore district is merely a few kilometres, the journey can take concerning half-hour due to higher ridges. There ar many near stay places. The weather is generally cold right throughout the year. Mobile signals reception is week. the sole operating network was Zong that also was at limited places.

We also have to cross Challas in between that is why we have to start early in the daythe issue with Challas isthat it closes at4 pm so you can’t cross it.we want to cross that bridge as early as possibleyou would be thinking that what was the need to get up early and get going?the need was that had to see the Rama Lake also today.and we had only one day to see Rama meadows and Lakeand the next day we had to leave for Minimarg and Domel.that was all the reasons for starting the journey early in the morningAnd check this out. God Rays coming out of the sky.these things you can only find in the morning :)these are some of the favorite drives which I loved, these are between Jalkhad and Babusar Pass regionhere there are mountains, your car, and greenery and it is fully joyfullike Rumi says, “travel brings back love and power to your life”I think Rumi was mad just like me.From Naran, it took us about 1.5 hours to reach Lulusar LakeLulusar lake has its own unique beauty.

The height of the lake is 3410 metersthe road runs alongside the lake.river Kunhar has two sources one of them isLulusar lake and the other one is Dudipatsar lakefrom here we traveled towards Babusar passwhich was only 30mins away from Lulusar LakeBabusar’s height is 13700ftso, it is cold up there, so keep a jacket with youmaking nature a rival is not a necessitydon’t make stupid decisions.otherwise, people end up with a fever and say my stomach hurts as wellwe have reached Babusar PassI don’t know what time of day is it?let’s see.

It is about 7 o clockusually, it’s very cold here but today it is finebut if you seeedown therethese types of places make me happy when I see themthat is the only reasonI love to traveldrank some tea and enjoyed the weatherand thought about lifethen I went to see the view of challasas I reached i saw piles of garbagewhat are you doing with your home Pakistani people?and look at this …. watermountainsand Agriculturewe have decedend from Babusar Passalmost about to reach challasit was cold up theredown here it is hotit was 6 degrees Cnow it is 18 degrees Cand down in challas it will be 35 degrees CFrom Babusar pass Challas is an hour away.and the terrain before that was very differentbefore the mountains were green now they are muddy and rockyand the road has become dangerous nowso now is the time to turn down the music and drive cautiouslyright now we have turned towards Astore, this the bridge which connects itwe have turned from KKH, the road which goes straight leads to Gilgit and Hunzaand we turned right (said it wrong ) towards Rama and Astoreso, from here it will take us about almost3 hours to get to our location.

In this hot weather and rocky region, you can’t see a thing in your eyes vision,but when you see, it will be these type of green heavenly piecesand by the way that river down there, is river Astorethis is Rama Meadows Astore district peoplegreen landsthere you go there is Nanga Parbat thereit is 8 hours drive, I think it is worth itto come hereyou have a big peak over therethen you have mountains all around with treesand then you have green meadowsall you getthis is the room of PTDC Moteland it is around about 6000rs (60$)the finish is quite nice along with the wooden and rocky work with a vintage type lookvery nicesecondly, it is cold.

If you can bring an electric heater that is fine, there are switches here you can plug them inones in that corner, ones hereto reach Rama lake the jeep will take you up till a certain pointand from there you will have to hike for 30 mins to reach the lakeRama is basically the back side of Nanga Parbat rangeand Fairy Meadows is the front sidelakes height is 12250 ftAnd look at this showoff, showing off his extraordinary jump.there is peace is the falling of this rainlife is very smallbut it is equally big to find something meaningfullooking at Rama lake I thought how Beautiful is GODmaybe there are still some long nights remainingmaybe there is still some warmth remaining in connection with God

Rama Meadows Gilgit Baltistan is found at the gap of thirteen kilometer from Rama Village in Astore district, Gilgit Baltistan. Rama Meadows could be a peaceful and clam place to get pleasure from the greenery within the Rama vale within the engaging colours structure of mountains. Highlighting stunning green meadows, putting flower blossoms and trees, a lake of pure placid waters, mountain views and a tranquil atmosphere, you’ll discover Rama Meadows to be an image of the best destination.

It is on the highest of the attractive Astore vale, with a light cover of oak trees and different greenery. there’s not abundant greenery because of illegal loging of the forest by locals and “timber mafia”. The region has low average rainfall and low vegetation cover therefore the loss of forest cover is of a really serious concern. From Rama Meadows, there’s a short jeep track to Rama Lake, that is one in every of the attractive lake in Pakistan.

it is usually coated with a large amount of snow for the larger a part of the year. It’s real attractiveness, and beauty is determined solely in summer or festival times. it’s possible for you to require a pleasurable hike to the east side of the Nanga Parbat (the Killer Mountain), that is one in every of the world’s ninth highest however most dangerous mountain to hike.

The distance from Astore is merely few kilometers, the journey can take concerning half-hour due to higher ridges. There ar many near stay places. The weather is generally cold right along the year. Mobile signals reception is week. the sole operating network was Zong that also was at limited places.

PTDC is one extremely instructed attractive resting place. within the event that you simply ar looking for associate exhilarating journey, you’ll accept outdoors camping. it’s a fine looking expertise at such AN revitalis and scenery spot. at nighttime, stunning twinkling stars create an unbelievable view. however camping and trekking you’ll additionally relish taking a gander at the exceptionally stunning landscapes. The locals at Rama Village ar friendly and dotty. you’ll see the grins on their lighthearted appearances.

Rama Meadows Gilgit Baltistan may be a good place to have some alone time and hook up with nature. Rama Meadows may be a place which will cause you to fall loving with itself. whether or not you’re a family looking to spend some quality time along, a loner seeking serenity and peace or a couple on a romantic retreat, the Rama Meadows Gilgit Baltistan may be a good destination. whereas designing your trip to northern areas of Rama Meadows is one spot that’s to not be missed. Praise nature whereas staring at a number of my shared memories from this trip to Rama Meadows.

If you actually need to expertise paradise during this world, you ought to visit Rama Meadows a minimum of once. This place can cause you to fall loving with it.