Signs Nobody likes You

Ever wonder what people think of you. Maybe you’re assuming you’re well-liked. Maybe you think people are dying to invite you to their parties. Maybe… just maybe nobody really likes you. You know that can be a huge possibility. It could be anything about you; your personal hygiene or your boring humour or just the way you suck the fun out of everything.
• You see your friends laughing together at something or you see them absorbed in an interesting conversation. They stop in mid-conversation as you approach them and meaningfully glance at each other. That’s a sign they don’t want to let you in on their conversation.
• You text people randomly or for something important, they never text back.
• Nobody ever responds when you make plans on WhatsApp groups. Even if they text back, it’s just to tell you how busy they are.
• Nobody ever calls you up or texts you.
• You’re never invited to parties or weddings nor are you ever asked to hang out. You only get to know what everyone is doing through their check-ins and pictures that they put up on social media.
• Nobody ever comes over to your place. You’re usually disappointed after inviting people over. They never show up.• Your friends have inside jokes which you do not understand.
• You always get to know things about your friends from social media or other people. That’s because no one ever shares anything with you. In fact, people hide stuff from you.
• You ask a question and everyone pretends not to have heard it. Nobody bothers answering.
• People only come to you when they need favours from you otherwise they pretend not to even recognize you. They’ll only come to you when they are in need.
• They make weird faces at the things you say or at your jokes or simply at the way you blink your eyes.
• They pay no attention to your stories nor do they ever congratulate you for any achievement or bother to cheer you up when you are down.
• No one makes eye contact with you instead they prefer playing on their phones while you speak.
• You are lonely and bored on weekends while everyone is out partying.

If all these signs are relatable then you’re definitely, definitely not like. There could be a gazillion reasons why people don’t like you. It could be because of your personal hygiene or your bad breath. It could be because you can’t control your aggressive streak or you argue way too much on senseless topics or you’re downright mean and insensitive towards other people. You could lack basic manners and not realize that. You could have ridiculous humour or you can’t stop judging everyone around you or you could be a party pooper and simply boring.