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The Best Waffle Houses in Karachi That Are A Must Try

Waffles are one of the best desserts to eat, whether you eat it for breakfast or as an evening snack over coffee with your friends. Waffles are fluffy, soft, and crunchy and you can pair them up with anything and everything. My personal favorite is Waffles with extra Nutella and strawberry toppings! There are so many waffle houses that are now opening up in Karachi.

Every day there is a new food trend. It started off a few years ago, when there was a huge pizza trend, and so many pizza places were opening up. Then after that there was a huge burger chain trend. Now you see all these small and juicy burger places that have opened up on each corner of Karachi. Then there was the most hyped about trend, which is still currently a trend, the Nutella paratha and chai trend. Now you see a whole line of these small chai dhaabas that serve you delicious stuffed parathas.

Now finally, a new concept has come about. The new trend is these waffle carts which have been opening up everywhere, and I have to say, the competition is tough. Of course, restaurants and cafes were already serving their waffles in their dessert and breakfast menus, but this new waffle cart trend is THE THING! Here are some of the best waffle houses that are a must try in Karachi.

1.Waffle Cart

2.Bond Street Waffles

3.Fam’s Patisserie


5.The Waffle Witch


7.Bella Vita

Have you tried these waffles yet?