Step-by-step guide before making a guest post

Define your goals before making the guest post

As I said at the beginning of this post, making a guest post is not just publishing content “crazy”. It’s about posting the right content and on the right blog . To achieve this, you first have to define what your goals are for this digital marketing strategy and, recommended, use the Design Thinking methodology.

What do you hope to achieve by writing a guest post? Basically, everyone who goes to this strategy hopes to achieve three things, or at least one!:

  • get external links (backlinks),
  • gain more traffic to your website, and
  • improve the authority and visibility of your company.

The ultimate goal is to sell, right? But depending on what your short – term goals are that you want to accomplish with guest posts , you ‘ll be able to determine what to write about , who to collaborate with , and where to post .

Find where to post your guest post

Once you have your goals clear, it’s time to find the candidate blogs to publish your guest posts that bring you closer to them. I say “candidates” because you need to evaluate if the place where you would initially like to publish your article as a guest has the necessary requirements for your publication to be really effective and commercially profitable for your company. What are these requirements?

  • The blog must be directly related to your niche.
  • Have an audience that is really interested in your content.
  • Have a good number of readers and followers.
  • Being managed by someone who squeezes social networks to promote their content.

So let’s see where you can search and find those good candidates to publish your guest posts .

Start the search on Google

One way to test the waters and start building a list of potential candidates for our guest posts is to do Google searches using keywords or keyword strings.

Go to the Google bar and type the main keyword of your niche, for example “web design”, followed by “submit a guest post”, “guest post rules”, “publish guest article” as well as words and phrases similar, that indicate to the search engine that you want to find places that accept this type of collaboration. You will be impressed by all the sites that Google will show you .

Gossip on Twitter

Although Twitter may not seem like an ideal place to find blogs or websites to publish your guest posts , it is a real treasure!

I assure you that on this social platform you will be able to find very good candidates for your guest articles, and the best thing is that most of these are not on Google, so you will be able to take advantage of your main competitors even if they are already using guest posting strategies. .

The method is similar to the previous case in Google: in the Twitter search bar, type the main keyword of your niche along with “guest post”, “guest article”, “guest author”, “guest post” or similar .

 Use this trick with Google Reverse Image

With this trick that I am going to explain to you with Google Reverse Image you will find many blogs that allow collaborations and that are related to your niche . Without a doubt, it is one of the most fabulous ways to find good candidates to start publishing, wonderful!

  • Find out who are the most influential people in your niche who usually do collaborations and guest posts .
  • Search for these people’s names on Google.
  • Within the list of results, choose the “Images” option and download the photo of this person.
  • Upload that photo to Google Reverse Image and search.
  •  All the web pages where they show this image will appear, of which, a large percentage, will be from blogs in which they have published a guest post , voilà!

Research the most respected bloggers in your niche

The most popular and highest traffic blogs , in a certain niche, are usually those where the most recognized authors (bloggers) publish frequently. Why not post on those same sites?

I recommend that you investigate who are those most respected bloggers. Once we have some names, search Google for “guest article”, or similar, along with the author’s name. In this way, the blogs where these respected authors publish their guest posts will appear , easily and effectively!

Keep track of your competitors’ backlinks

Good candidate blogs to publish your guest post would be those where your main competitors are already collaborating with their guest articles .

There are several tools with which you can find out which sites link to your competition’s websites, software like Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs, for example, or free tools like SEO Review Tools . So track these backlinks by simply typing in the URL of the web page you want to investigate.

Don’t ignore comments on your posts

If you want to get candidate blogs for your guest post , then you should be aware of the comments you receive on your blog because, if the articles you publish on your blog are of quality, surely some comments will come from other authors who have blogs on your niche, so you could be earning an opportunity to do such a collaboration.

Go through social networks

I already told you that one of the most viable social platforms to find good candidate blogs to publish your guest posts on is Twitter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get opportunities on other networks, so go through them and find out which pages or blogs they accept. this kind of collaborations in your niche.

Prepare the theme of your guest post

If you want to get another blog to accept your collaboration proposal and publish your guest post , you must be smart to choose the topic you are going to publish and prepare it.

If you get a blogger to accept your collaboration, it will not be enough to write well, apply Copywriting techniques and write about 2,000 thousand words with quality content. The article should be of interest to the audience and should be at the forefront of what people are looking for and expect to read.

Start preparing early; don’t improvise ! This is key to hitting the mark and starting to gain authority within your niche.

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