Sexual harassment incidents are increasing day by day and this is what Sonam Kapoor had to say about this topic in a rent interview with BBC Asia.

There are three points to it a lot of women don’t realize what’s going on and what’s happening to them because they think that it’s okay and it’s alright… it’s like a subconscious thought. That’s the conditioning we’ve gone through.” “Number two: it’s also because we’ve been taught to keep quiet, act dumb, pretend it didn’t happen, laugh it off. Or third, it’s victim blaming. If something happens to you, it’s your fault.”

Sonam also said She finds it ‘awful’ that calling out people for sexual harassment is now being referred to as a ‘witch hunt’.

“It’s important for it to go the other way, There’s deafening silence and suddenly when the dam is broken, everything comes out. But eventually, it will all level out. The truth always comes out, eventually. Always,” said Sonam