A rise in the number of entrepreneurs and startups is proving to be very good for Pakistan. It is good for the market and for the new generation to experiment in terms of creating new opportunities.

Many people complain that it is difficult to be an entrepreneur in Pakistan because of lack of funding and other problems. But some people want to be an entrepreneur for their own productivity and to showcase their creativity. Abdul Mueed is one of those people.


Mueed’s journey:

Abdul Mueed has muscular dystrophy. He was diagnosed at the age of 7. This rare disease took over the normal functioning of Mueed’s body and he couldn’t move a single part of his body without help. At the age of 10, he had to use a wheelchair. He didn’t quit school and all of his family and friends helped him a lot during his school years. Despite difficulties, he completed his exams on time. He passed his matriculation exams with first division.


Despite his good results, he couldn’t continue with his studies because of his condition. With the moral support of his mother, he decided to give a try to the homemade business and started Rasoi.pk. Mueed was greatly inspired by his father as he was a successful businessman. He says that Pakistan has a new set of startups emerging with new co-working spaces developed every month. His startup Rasoi.pk targeted a very profitable client base. Most of the office going people know the struggle of getting good quality food cheaply is a big hassle.


He is planning to launch a mobile app for Rasoi.pk, available on both Android and iOS, in order to make it even more convenient for the customers to order hygienic homemade food.

Mueed only wants to give one message to all the aspiring entrepreneurs of Pakistan, which is to never lose hope. God only blesses those who keep on struggling despite the difficulties.

All we can say about Abdul Mueed is that we are proud of him!