Bikers, whenever we think about them, all that comes to our mind are men wearing leather jackets and riding on their Harley Davidson. Normally, we don’t think about bike stunts being done by women.  But Pakistani women has changed this stereotype recently. An all-female biker club  Rowdy Riders has been introduced in which many women ride their heavy bikes and do deadly stunts.


Rowdy Riders:

Marina Syed and many other women with her have completed their traveling journey on their bikes from Karachi to Kashmir. An all-female biker club known as “Rowdy Riders” has been making rounds on social media. Marina Syed, the lead of the club has also started a driving school.

The driving school has been launched in order to teach women how to ride the bikes properly. The aim of the school is to teach women how to ride their bikes and share the knowledge. Marina and her club members are all encouraging women to join the school.

Rowdy Riders

In a recent interview to a local radio channel in Karachi, the club members of Rowdy Riders said: “We are not a group, we are a club, all of us are equal, each of us comes from a different background, and we all have different natures.”