Pakistanis are making their mark all the world, especially youth and students. Four Pakistani-American students have been awarded prominent Hult Prize in the US for their social entrepreneurship business known as “Roshni Services” which is a transport network for refugees connecting them to essential and critical services all teamed up this year to launch their business. These are solar powered rickshaws which run on a systematic route with different stops along the ride. These stops include venue of employment, hospitals, schools, and market.

The solar panels have been installed and are ready to go! The solar panels pictured here are being used to charge our…

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The team that got Hult Prize:

Gia Farooqi, Moneeb Mian, Hasan Usmani, Hanaa Lakhani all teamed up for this project. The team competed against five other groups from across the world.  They won the coveted $1 million Hult Prize on Saturday. The Hult Prize is one of the top student competition in the world and it gives a platform for university students in order to create and launch of social welfare project for-profit start-ups. The team documented their whole progress on Facebook.

The Roshni Team is working hard in Pakistan, thanks to your support! Here's a picture from our team on the ground. Our…

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The student team made around $30,000 in a crowdfunding campaign in May. In the summers they and then ran a pilot project in Karachi’s Orangi Town.

Roshni Family

The Roshni Rides Team is working hard thanks to those who supported our crowd-funding campaign. Alhumdullilah, we have officially had 3 Roshni rickshaws operating in Orangi Town for the past few weeks. We appreciate all of our donors and supporters, but would like to give a special shout out to the members of our #RoshniFam that donated at least $1,000. We have printed their names on our rickshaws as a token of appreciation. Your investment in us has lead us on a journey to create long lasting, global impact. Together, we’re creating brighter lives, one ride a time. Check out this short video of our rickshaws in Orangi. [Thank you Daria Torres, Shakil Anwar, Morad Chughtai, Asma Usmani, The Muslims of Rutgers, Noorjahan Lakhani, Majid and Sumera Lakhani, Noveen Lakhani, Aysha Lakhani, Inayah Lakhani, Daanish Samad Moten, Sara Rangooni, S.M Ghayasuddin, Tariq Khan, Umare Mohsin, Sheeraz Hyder, Jamil Ahmed, Waleed Kader and The Citizens Foundation]

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Well, we are nothing but proud of them!