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Nearly 1000 kilometers of traffic jams in France by holidaymakers

People on their way to their holiday destination can experience considerable delays in France. Around noon, holiday traffic in that country reached a traffic peak of 955 kilometers, reports the ANWB.

At 15.00 the crowds would decrease, the organization expected. At half-past three, however, there was still a delay of about 2.5 hours on the Autoroute du Soleil, between Lyon and Orange. It is also busy towards Bordeaux, including on the A10.

The French are en route to the south and west of the country. Many of them go on holiday or have a long weekend because Tuesday is the national holiday of Quatorze Juillet.

The crowds started this morning at 9 am with two accidents on the A7 towards the Mediterranean. The delay between Vienne and Avignon was therefore more than two hours.


In Switzerland, there was an hour and a half traffic jams at the famous Gotthard tunnel. The delay decreased to about half an hour by mid-afternoon.

People were allowed to join an hour and a half to drive to Slovenia in front of the Austrian Karawankentunnel, which also slowed down in the afternoon.