Latest tips for guest post strategy

Larger web pages do not ensure more traffic

Let’s be clear: one of the purposes of the guest post is to generate traffic and improve the position of your website in Google results.

However, if you want to gain traffic by collaborating, don’t go for the bigger sites: just because they get more visits doesn’t mean you’ll be able to increase your organic traffic.

One way to measure success and ensure traffic to your website is by the number of comments received by the blog where you are going to publish your guest post . I know of many small blogs that get up to 50 comments per post, and that, dear reader, is a good indicator of traffic for any collaboration!

Squeeze external links

The incoming links to your website (backlinks) are very important for the positioning of your website and should never be ignored, even when you make a collaboration.

Of course, I remind you that you must be clever to include it naturally throughout the text and whenever it leads to content related to the topic you are developing, and to help the reader.

If you don’t do it right, your bounce rate will reveal your bad practice to the search engine, and to the editor of the blog you are collaborating with!

Lean on infographics

Images say more than words, many times. Nowadays, social networks are full of photographs and infographics , so I recommend you make use of them.

What I like the most about infographics is that they adapt to your style, they are easy to create and they give you the opportunity to be very creative.

In addition, there are numerous online tools with which you can create fabulous infographics that can mark a before and after in your organic traffic. I am not exaggerating when I say that a well thought out, useful and attractive infographic can easily put you on Google’s radar.

Sell ​​yourself with a memorable biography

A boring biography is the common denominator among many bloggers. But those who have understood that creating a great bio is important for traffic, have now conquered the search engines.

If you sell your biography with cunning, honesty and some humor , believe me that in no time your collaborations will improve your online presence and your brand will be respected.

Tell who you are, what you do, what you offer, and why it is worth visiting your website, in a close and jovial way, and you will see how the audience follows you. My tips for writing a perfect ‘about us’ section could help you create an amazing bio.

Conclusion: making a guest post is useful to expand your brand and conquer Google

Although many website owners still do not know how to make a guest post to improve their visibility and positioning in Google, this strategy has been tested by many big brands, especially at the level of content marketing and  Inbound Marketing.

Guest article collaborations are a perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and engage with new audiences, as well as bond with important people in your niche. That is why it is one of the main SEO Growth Hacking techniques .

The SEO of your website will thank you and you will be getting many assets. I assure you that it is a safe bet if you plan a guest post strategy as soon as possible. Maybe tomorrow is too late! Maybe tomorrow your competition is already collaborating with the most important blogs in your niche!

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