An apple a day keeps a doctor away. Well, not always and as we all know how difficult our lives can get. Between work and more work we tend to neglect our health. With stress, comes the downfall of endless list of viruses and diseases. Find My Doctor is an app that helps you find your nearest clinic in case of an emergency without wasting precious time. The app provides you with information regarding the doctor’s qualification, specialization, experience, availability and charges. It gives you a chance to book yourself an appointment and free yourself from the hassle of waiting in a long queue. That too free of charge. The app is available for both android and iOS devices.

The CEO of FMD is a humble and hardworking man, Saad Wahab Siddiqui. He came up with the idea when a friend of his was in a dire condition. His friend was not able to drive himself to the doctor’s. He had to wait for hours before help was on it’s way. Mr. Siddiqui, himself wasn’t able to help his friend due to the distance and traffic that our beloved Karachi is known for. He thought of how many in the city would be suffering like this and he made a decision to end this difficulty for as many people as possible.

While, it’s hard to pick the right doctor, reviews from different patients help you narrow down your choices. 

Doctor, just a click away. 

It now features an at your doorstep service. A step further in making you more stress free. You can now book an appointment for a particular lab test and rest. A phlebotomist visits you at your house to take a sample. Within one to two working days depending on your test, you get your results via the account you’ve made to make an appointment. You’re alerted by a text for your convenience. Not only that, if you want your results in your hand, they can be safely delivered to you only for a fee of Rs.100. If you’re worried about trusting the app, worry not. It’s affiliated with none other than Dr. Essa Laboratory. A trustworthy and reliable lab.

What’s more amazing is that you get a 10% discount on all tests.

  1. Make an account. 

  2. Book your test on the webpage.

  3. Your sample is collected at your house.

  4. Receive tests via an e-mail or delivery services.

With Find My Doctor’s lab test at home service, you can not only be relieved from your stress of running around or waiting in an endless queue, you can sit back and relax at home and patiently wait for the arrival of your phlebotomist. Find My Doctor thrives in your health. After all, for them your comfort comes first.