It’s Time People Stop Believing In These Fake Pirs And Mureeds!

Ever wondered who these pirs and mureeds are? We’ve all come across wall chalking where the pirs provide their contact numbers claiming to have supernatural powers and cure to every problem.

My question is how do people really know if these people are authentic or not or if they really have superpowers. It’s just psychological thinking that’s set in these peoples minds. Let’s face it, they’ve proved time and again that they’re quite good at their job of scamming, but at the people who happily volunteer to be used and abused by these charlatans and then go whining about their misfortune to the authorities, seeking commiseration and justice. Who else is to blame when a pir shamelessly asks a grown man to leave his grown-up daughter at his place overnight so he can “cure” her, and he agrees?

First of all  Islamic history has witnessed several pirs who have been helping people with their extraordinary powers which are blessing on them from their Lord. But these Wali Allah are not allowed to disclose their powers, superiority over a common man, they live a simple life like any other human and politely help the people who are in treat problems. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, Qutub Uddin Aulia, Data Ganj Bakhsh (etc.) are the names of just a few of the saints who lived an honest life and helped people without getting a single penny in return.

We had only seen these Pirs do their publicity through wall chalkings but now these people are marketing themselves through social media and claim to have a solution to everything be it problem regarding marriage, divorce or get anyone screwed they claim to have a cure for everything.