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Instagram apologizes for deleting Bella Hadid’s post

The social media application Instagram has apologized for removing the post of American fashion model Bella Hadid about Palestine.

This week, the 23-year-old Palestinian-American model posted a picture of her father’s US passport on her Instagram account, saying she was born in Palestine.

┬áBella Hadid shared a message she received from Instagram with over 30 million followers informing her that her post had been removed due to non-compliance with the application’s community policy.

American model Bella Hadid, while tagging Instagram on her account, raised the question that if she is proud of her father’s birthplace being Palestine, then which part of her post violates community policy.

He asked Instagram how his post advertises harassment or sexual content.

“For the safety of consumers, we do not allow the posting of personal information such as passport numbers,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

However, he added that Bella Hadid had blurred her passport number, so her post should not have been removed. “We have re-posted and apologized to Bella for this mistake.”