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I Went To This New Roadside Cafe and It Literally Won My Heart

Team Trending went to Lord Of The Wings for an exclusive tasting. Its located at Khayaban e Muslim Phase 6. With about a hundred different dhabas if you’re confused about where to go for some good fast food, definitely check out Lord Of The Wings. They’re not the typical roadside cafe with chai, parathas they have an extensive food menu ranging from peri bites, pizzas, steaks burgers, shakes and so much more. What I loved the most about this place other than their food was this graffiti wall.

Here what we had started with appetizers:


They had about 8 flavours and it was pretty hard for us to decide which flavours we wanted to try. As per the owner’s suggestion, we tried their tex mix, honey mustard and bbq wings. The tex mex wings had a really desi touch to it but it was a new thing to try. BBQ wings were the best amongst all they were too juicy and saucy literally gave me mouthgasm.


Peri Bites:

The peri bites had a good feeling of cheese and chicken and were covered with a crisp coating and were served a mustard sauce but for me, the peri bites were a little dry I think they need to make it a little saucy.

Coming to the main course…

Beef Gouda Burger:

This was suggested by the owner again and apparently it their best seller. I’ll rate this dish 10/10 for sure the beef patty was really juicy and tender with pepperoni slices on top and cheese to add a little drama to it. This was served with a side of their crispy fries. No lies but this burger literally blew me off.

Chicken Mushroom Sauce Sandwiches:

I loved the mushroom sauce in it but just a small suggestion that they shouldn’t add vegetables to it because it was not complimenting the sauce made it taste more like a club sandwich. This was also served with a side of their famous finger licking fries.

Arabic Paratha:

The Arabic paratha came with a delicious dip and had a decent good filling of chicken and vegetables in it. These were cooked in the perfect way because the parathas were too crispy just the way I like it. This was pretty heavy and could easily fulfil 2 hungry people.

For drinks we ordered

Mint Lemonade and Oreo Shake:

The mint lemonade was different from the ones I’ve always had it was really refreshing and for me, it was the ideal summer drink. The oreo shake had a nice chocolatey in it and the right balance of sugar. Now I’ve found a new place to satisfy my oreo shake cravings.

Overall I loved this place and would rate it 9/10. Their service was a little slow that’s all they need to improve otherwise their staff was really kind and made sure that we leave as happy, satisfied customers.

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