Hindu Brahmin

People have heard of polytheist, monotheist and even atheist but all these categories are either associated with a respective religion or with no religion. But have they ever heard about a community who is related to dual faith? Surprisingly they are very less in numbers, they don’t reveal who they are and on top they are that thin line between Hindus and Muslims. They are none other than Hussaini Brahmins.

The term Hussaini Brahmins is perceived as if two contradicting words are associated together. Nevertheless, its definition is a source of encouragement for those who believe in plurality, harmony and variety. At a time when public hatred is growing between Hindus and Muslims, one should recall the heroism shown by Brahmins residing in North-West frontier (now Pakistan) by joining the martyrdom of the respected Islamic figure.

Hussaini Brahmin

Video Interview Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQE8zmcpi-E


According to Maulana Hasan Zafar Naqvi in an in interview in 2014 he mentioned “That there is an existence of this community, Imam Hussain’s letters were not written to a specific person but to multiple people and one of them was the ruler of Rajasthan who was already associated because of trade. When letter reached the king did in fact left for the battle but the time he was there the battle was over. But Rahab Dutt stayed and served the humanity there until he died and he was buried in Karbala. The letter is still said to be found in Jaipur and Hussain Brahmin can be found in Kashmir.”

Hussaini Brahmin

Video Interview Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIHzJ24v10s


Whereas on other hand Sunita Jhingran who herself is Hussaini Brahmin tells a slight different story in a video interview, “Guru and her wife went for a Pilgrimage towards Karbala after which they decided to settle there and made small living for themselves. They gave their devotion to Imam Hussain A.S after which Brahmin got seven sons. Later than when karbala war ended and Yazid’s army was returning with Imam Hussain’s head in a box, they stopped at the Brahmins house asking them for a stay. Eventually when the Brahmins found out that it was Imam Hussain’s head in that box they then fought in the name of Imam Hussain and sacrificed his seven sons who were the blessing given by Imam’s prayer.”


It is so incredible to observe that the world is so small that even now faith and religious practices are interred linked. A person can follow any religion but some way or another the practices are so diverse that connections build up naturally. Hussaini Brahmins are not separate than us they are found among others in places like Thatta, Lahore, and Kashmir. It’s prudent to accept every minority in this world because at some point all the beliefs unite at one place.


Source:  http://hussainibrahmin.tumblr.com/resources