How to write the perfect guest post ?

There’s a lot I could say to help you create a fabulous guest post, and that clearly includes a lot of SEO Copywriting strategies . But I will focus only on the most important:

guest post does not revolve around you

Although many braggarts love to write articles on other blogs as guest authors to brag about their business, promote their brand and get free publicity, this is unethical!

The purpose of a guest post is to create quality and useful content for the audience of that blog, and that they can take advantage of it to respond to their concerns. Don’t make the mistake of turning a collaboration into a poem to your ego!

Respect the style and approach of the blog where it will be published

Remember, you are a guest; the guests respect the style of the place where they arrive, they are not there to make changes.

Check the style of the other publications, their length, the type of images they use, if they include videos and other audiovisual resources, the tone, etc., and try to adapt to this, even when you use a different style on your blog .

Create an in-depth and really useful article

The purpose of a guest post is to serve as a reference in your niche to provide answers, propose solutions, help the audience and clarify doubts. This way you gain authority, expand the name of your brand and, the blog that gave you the opportunity, gains the trust of its target audience, by offering them useful content.

Develop a topic in depth , but without being extensive, heavy and not very understandable for readers. You will see how you receive comments and they will want to continue reading your posts .

Give air to your content, don’t bore!

No one wants to read a 5,000-word post that looks like a boring testament or history essay, jam-packed with data and information that seems never-ending.

If you want to collaborate effectively, you need to be smart about organizing information , and one way to do that is by airing up paragraphs. How? Making lists! Lists are easier to read, more attractive and interesting at a glance.

Take advantage of this and other strategies, to facilitate the reading of your article, and you will see how you get more acceptance as a collaborator.

Choose a winning title and about something highly sought after

I always say that to create a winning article, you have to start with a winning title.

If you want your post to generate a lot of traffic, it’s important to research post ideas and topics so you can be smart about choosing a title.

The title is like the cover letter and has the power to attract or drive away your readers .

Don’t forget to create internal links

Although it is not your blog, it is good that you include quality internal links within your guest post , as this is positive for the SEO of the blog in which you collaborate and the editor will be happy to see that you are interested in its Web positioning.

Believe me, doing this will earn you the trust of the publisher and they will call you for future collaborations.

Invite readers to interact with their comments

Blog comments are powerful because they generate traffic, help get more subscribers and it is the beginning to improve the user experience , because there people comment if they are happy with the publication, leave suggestions for new topics, ask questions, etc.

Make a call to action (CTA) in your guest post and persuade readers to leave comments on it.

Also, respond to these comments so that you establish a bond with the audience, since it is useless to make a collaboration, publish and leave the readers forgotten. Interacting in the comments is beneficial for your conversion rate.

Leverage your guest author bio

While I’ve made it clear that posting a guest post isn’t about you, it does give you the opportunity to create a short bio as a guest writer.

Take advantage of it to add a link that leads to your website , to direct you to a specific product, invite you to read a publication or invite them to follow you. Depending on the objective of your collaboration , you can do one or the other, but in a natural way.

Track your post as a guest

You cannot leave your guest post as a half pregnancy. It’s not just about posting and done , but you have to follow up:

  • respond to comments,
  • share and advertise your post on your social networks,
  • try to get a new collaboration, and even
  • send a thank you note to the editor of the blog where you posted.

It’s part of the work that collaborations entail. Do not post and disappear forgetting your “baby”, there is still much to do!

 Measure the results of your guest post

As I said, collaborating with a guest post does not end when you manage to publish on a third party’s blog. After achieving it, you are left to measure the results to verify or not that the article as a guest met your objectives .

One way to obtain data is through Google Analytics and its inbound link tracking system .

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