National ka Pakistan has been entertaining all travel hookies and foodies all together since past 4 seasons and their latest season 5 is bigger & better than ever before!

Because season 5 broadcasted 8 videos in this season showcasing the nature, culture, music and food from different areas of Pakistan.



Chef Saadat seasoned this season with his all new scrumptious recipes along with his adventurous expenditure to explore Pakistan’s beauty. While Shuja Haider contributed in creating disparate music to listen along with eye-catching sceneries and mouth-watering food.



And where there’s food, there’s life.



Watch the 8 episodes from Season 5 and discover places like:


Katas Raj


Kot Diji also called Talpur Era Fort



Buddhist Monument



Apart from blessing your eyes with the scenic beauty of Pakistan, National ka Pakistan also boasts soul-stirring music courtesy of the great Shuja Haider.

The songs that Shuja Haider produced are no less than EARGASM and we are waiting to listen more from him.


Perfectly describing the colors of Punjab with high and low notes equally. Talking about the rivers flowing in Punjab in such winsome manner.

Watch here


Not leaving out our beloved Sindh and its evocative language behind. Shuja Haider sure knows how to formulate equitable chorus.

Watch here


The fusion of Punjabi lyrics with guitar and traditional musical instruments is what our ears had been craving to listen for so long.

Watch here

Yadgar brings us the beauty of KPK with mystical voice of Ahsan-ur-Rahman and Shuja Haider’s well-spirited and engraving tunes.

Watch here


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