Coke is a multi-national brand and it has contributed a lot in promoting Pakistan at international level. Coke’s step of bringing trophy to Pakistan is creating a soft image of Pakistan. This activity will also promote Pakistan at an international level. Pakistan is one of the blessed 51 countries that will be seeing the FIFA trophy live. The trophy will arrive in Pakistan on 3rd Feb 2018 in Lahore.

Even though Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is not amongst the participating teams as they were banned by FIFA because of third party interference. Because of this PFF was doubtful whether the trophy will come to Pakistan or not but Coke played a major part and is making it possible. The football enthusiasts have expressed their excitement through twitter tweets:

Pakistanis are extremely excited and are impatiently waiting for the trophy to arrive. According to a source the trophy will remain in Pakistan for a day and will be shown to the media and thousands of fans at the Lahore Coke Fest. Another good news is that one of the Pakistani will also get the opportunity to participate in the coin toss in the match between Brazil and Cost Rica in group stages.

Fans dont forget to use the hashtag #ReadyFor #FootballinPakistan #CocaCola to show your love and support