Valentine’s day has been banned in Pakistan but one cannot stop people from celebrating love. There are a lot of people who are single right now and are looking for some love and attention. We came across this post on Facebook and we thought of sharing it with all of our single readers.

Here’s how you can rent a boyfriend:


00:00 – 23:59 14th Feb 2018

Package 1:
Holding hands & putting arm around the shoulders

Package 2:
Holding hands, putting arm around the shoulders, hug, kiss on cheeks & forehead

Package 3:
Holding hands, putting arm around the shoulders, hug, kiss on cheeks, forehead, and lips

Package 4:

Use promo code ‘RICHGUY’ and get
– 20% off
– Freeride in my Audi

– 26 y/o
– 56 kg
– 160 cm
– Assuring you that your family will love me (even your friends )
– Sagittarius so I’m generous, open-minded & idealistic
– Willing to be your makeup practice model
– Can cook any kind of dish
– Watch Netflix with you

Things I cannot do:
– Defend you from cockroaches
– Fashion talk
– Eat seafood
– Beauty talk

Different personas I’m willing to pull off:
– Christian Grey (never tried it but willing to explore and try new things )
– Billionaire playboy who was stuck on an island for 5 years
– Gay (just to make you laugh)
– Innocent look
– Sweet lover
– Bad boy

If you are interested, comment here or message me

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IG – shakulgupta

P.S. – You can choose wherever you want to go and what to do

Share it with your single friends, if they are looking for some love and attention this valentines day or let’s just laugh at Mr. Shakul for the act.