Fanta Headquarters is running on the mill to choose their first ever Teen Marketing Officer and the countdown has begun! The famous comedian, Zaid Ali T, Chief Fanta Fun Officer is the election commissioner. Now, it’s our turn to vote for Fanta’s first ever Teen Marketing Officer. #FantaTMO


Fanta TMO- Team Hina or Team Maria:

Who are you rooting for? #TeamHina or #TeamMaria. Now, what you guys have to do is stay tuned to our page for our Facebook live poll and all the upcoming updates regarding Teen Marketing Officer Elections happening on 21st October! #FantaTeenTakeover

Who will it be? Maria Unera, who is the Queen of Rhythm, or Hina Altaf whose cute and funny personality is irresistible?

Well, now all we have to do it vote and wait for the results! The results for the first ever Fanta Teen Marketing Officer will be unveiled tonight!

Fanta TMO live poll

Voting for FANTA'S Teen Marketing Officer is now open. Vote now or hold your peace forever. Are you #TeamHina or #TeamMaria. The poll is on from 4-8pm. Hit Like for Hina Altaf Khan and Love for Maria Unera

Posted by Fanta on Saturday, October 21, 2017

So what are you guys waiting for? Just go and vote! Voting for TMO will start at 4:00 pm on 21st October so be prepared to vote for your favorite candidate!