Eat grapes to lower cholesterol

If you want to lower your cholesterol, eat grapes! More recent research has found that grapefruit, grape juice, or ‘phenol’ compounds derived from grapes, in addition to antioxidants, are effective against germs and viruses. Performed by Dr. Xiaoping and his colleagues in Los Angeles, California. During the first four weeks, all volunteers were placed on a low-polyphenol diet, followed by a dry diet for the next four weeks. Only 46 grams of grapefruit powder was added daily. This amount of grapefruit juice was equivalent to 252 grams of fresh grapes.
Los Angeles: American medical experts have discovered that eating just one pound (252 grams) of grapes or raisins a day lowers harmful cholesterol in the body. After the discovery which lasted for 8 weeks. Volunteers ranged in age from 18 to 55. The medical benefits of grapes have been known to us for centuries, while modern scientific research has shown that they contain a variety of beneficial plant compounds, ie phytochemicals, including catechins. , Pro Anthocyanidins, Anthocyanins, Leuko Anthocyanidins, Quercetin, Campferol, Stalbins, Allergic Acids and Hydrosanamites. In addition, grapes are rich in dietary fiber.

Before and after the study began, all volunteers underwent cholesterol and bile acids (bile acids) as well as their microbiome in their stomachs. After consuming 46 grams of grapefruit powder daily, the total cholesterol in these volunteers was reduced by 6.1% while the unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) was reduced by 5.9%. There was an increase in the number of germs which was undoubtedly good news. Among them there was an increase in a type of germs called “acarmenasia” which helps in breaking down and digesting glucose and fats while the lining of the intestines. The amount of bile acids that affect the digestion of cholesterol is also 40 at the end of the study.9% less is seen which is a sign of better health. “We have discovered the beneficial effects of grapes on stomach germs which is a great thing, because keeping the stomach healthy is very important for good health,” said Dr. Lee said.
Note: Details of this research are published in the latest issue of the online research journal “Nutrients”.

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