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Corona: ‘Immunity may end soon’

New research on the coronavirus and the human body’s immune system suggests that people who recover from the infection may lose or lose their immunity in a matter of months.
Experts say the study could have a profound effect on governments’ ways of dealing with the Corona epidemic, according to AFP.
The first study of its kind was conducted by a team of researchers at King’s College London. They looked at antibody levels in 90 patients and saw how they changed over time.
About 60% of the patients who took part in the study had higher levels of resistance to the virus. However, after three months, only 16.7% of the patients had more antibodies against code 19, while after 90 days, no antibodies were found in the blood of some patients.
When a virus enters a person’s body from outside, the body’s cells move to kill it. During this time, proteins called antibodies are produced in the body that helps fight this particular danger.
If a person has plenty of antibodies in their body, they can get rid of new infections, and develop immunity. However, according to research released on Monday, the immune system does not stay in the body all the time, but only for a few days, as in other viruses such as influenza.
Experts say the study could change the government’s plans to fight the corona epidemic. Lawrence Young, a professor at Warwick University who was not part of the study, said the research could help create an effective vaccine because it could provide important information about immunity.