Automotive Conversion Kit Market – A Comprehensive Study by Key Players:Stark Automotive, SkyCNG, Hidlook, Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd., Nash Fuel, Inc., Ecogas, EuropeGAS, etc.

The report gives an abstract and quantitative examination of the Global Automotive Conversion Kit .The examination relies upon the division of the Automotive Conversion Kit which focuses on monetary and non-money related factors impacting the Automotive Conversion Kit improvement. The report joins a genuine scene which concludes the market position in the focal parts, including new help offered, thing dispatches, business associations, combinations and acquisitions in the past five years.

Companies operating in the Automotive Conversion Kit
Stark Automotive, SkyCNG, Hidlook, Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd., Nash Fuel, Inc., Ecogas, EuropeGAS, etc.

The report highlights of emerging examples, with principal drivers, risks, and likely entryways In the Automotive Conversion Kit. The crucial creators across the world in the worldwide Automotive Conversion Kit are organized in the report. Considering such things introduced in the Automotive Conversion Kit, the around the world Automotive Conversion Kit is ordered Into different segments. The part overpowered the Automotive Conversion Kit and held the greatest piece of around the world Automotive Conversion Kit in the year 2020, and continues to govern the market in 2021 are positive in the report.

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Considering use, the around the world Automotive Conversion Kit is ordered into different application sections. The application section that is depended upon to drive the slice of the pie of the Automotive Conversion Kit in the next few years are highlighted and thought about in the report. The indispensable components of advancement in this application segment are explained in the report. The areas that addressed the greatest pay part of around the world Automotive Conversion Kit in 2022 are considered in the report. Additionally are depended upon to continue with the edge over its opponents in the regarded time span are considered in the report. The grounded establishment and innumerable Vessel Monitoring System Software associations in these regions are organized in the report.

By the product type, the market is primarily split into:
Type I, Type II, Others.

By the end-users/application, this report covers the following segments:
Application I, Application II, Other

Elements of the Report:
• New game plans and commitments that market players can imagine are in like manner discussed in the report.
• The possible entryways for business trailblazers and effect of the Coronavirus pandemic are associated with the around the world Automotive Conversion Kit.
• New things and organizations that are thriving in this speedy progressing around the world Automotive Conversion Kit’s monetary environment are discussed in the report.
• The report discusses the how certain advancement things, market frameworks, or game plans could assist with showcasing players.
• The pay open entryways and the growing new game plans are discussed in the report.
• The unquestionable characteristics of each part and market open entryways are explained in the report.
• The powers during the pandemic are relied upon to accelerate the hypothesis pace in the around the world Automotive Conversion Kit are point by point in the report.
• The report gives proposition on the way forward in the around the world Automotive Conversion Kit.

Table of Contents
1.1 Study Scope
1.2 Key Market Segments
1.3 Players Covered: Ranking by Vessel Monitoring System Software Revenue
1.4 Market Analysis by Type
1.4.1 Automotive Conversion Kit Size Growth Rate by Type: 2020 VS 2028
1.5 Market by Application
1.5.1 Automotive Conversion Kit Share by Application: 2020 VS 2028
1.6 Study Objectives
1.7 Years Considered
1.8 Continue…

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This report tends to a couple of key requests:
• What is the by and large expected advancement of around the world Automotive Conversion Kit after Coronavirus vaccination or treatment is found?
• What are the new essential methodologies that can be executed post-pandemic to remain merciless, agile, client driven, and helpful in the around the world Automotive Conversion Kit?
• Which unequivocal regions are depended upon to drive improvement in the around the world Automotive Conversion Kit?
• What are key government approaches and interventions did by driving around the world Automotive Conversion Kit countries to help with advancing gathering or improvement of Vessel Monitoring System Software.

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How to write the perfect guest post ?

There’s a lot I could say to help you create a fabulous guest post, and that clearly includes a lot of SEO Copywriting strategies . But I will focus only on the most important:

guest post does not revolve around you

Although many braggarts love to write articles on other blogs as guest authors to brag about their business, promote their brand and get free publicity, this is unethical!

The purpose of a guest post is to create quality and useful content for the audience of that blog, and that they can take advantage of it to respond to their concerns. Don’t make the mistake of turning a collaboration into a poem to your ego!

Respect the style and approach of the blog where it will be published

Remember, you are a guest; the guests respect the style of the place where they arrive, they are not there to make changes.

Check the style of the other publications, their length, the type of images they use, if they include videos and other audiovisual resources, the tone, etc., and try to adapt to this, even when you use a different style on your blog .

Create an in-depth and really useful article

The purpose of a guest post is to serve as a reference in your niche to provide answers, propose solutions, help the audience and clarify doubts. This way you gain authority, expand the name of your brand and, the blog that gave you the opportunity, gains the trust of its target audience, by offering them useful content.

Develop a topic in depth , but without being extensive, heavy and not very understandable for readers. You will see how you receive comments and they will want to continue reading your posts .

Give air to your content, don’t bore!

No one wants to read a 5,000-word post that looks like a boring testament or history essay, jam-packed with data and information that seems never-ending.

If you want to collaborate effectively, you need to be smart about organizing information , and one way to do that is by airing up paragraphs. How? Making lists! Lists are easier to read, more attractive and interesting at a glance.

Take advantage of this and other strategies, to facilitate the reading of your article, and you will see how you get more acceptance as a collaborator.

Choose a winning title and about something highly sought after

I always say that to create a winning article, you have to start with a winning title.

If you want your post to generate a lot of traffic, it’s important to research post ideas and topics so you can be smart about choosing a title.

The title is like the cover letter and has the power to attract or drive away your readers .

Don’t forget to create internal links

Although it is not your blog, it is good that you include quality internal links within your guest post , as this is positive for the SEO of the blog in which you collaborate and the editor will be happy to see that you are interested in its Web positioning.

Believe me, doing this will earn you the trust of the publisher and they will call you for future collaborations.

Invite readers to interact with their comments

Blog comments are powerful because they generate traffic, help get more subscribers and it is the beginning to improve the user experience , because there people comment if they are happy with the publication, leave suggestions for new topics, ask questions, etc.

Make a call to action (CTA) in your guest post and persuade readers to leave comments on it.

Also, respond to these comments so that you establish a bond with the audience, since it is useless to make a collaboration, publish and leave the readers forgotten. Interacting in the comments is beneficial for your conversion rate.

Leverage your guest author bio

While I’ve made it clear that posting a guest post isn’t about you, it does give you the opportunity to create a short bio as a guest writer.

Take advantage of it to add a link that leads to your website , to direct you to a specific product, invite you to read a publication or invite them to follow you. Depending on the objective of your collaboration , you can do one or the other, but in a natural way.

Track your post as a guest

You cannot leave your guest post as a half pregnancy. It’s not just about posting and done , but you have to follow up:

  • respond to comments,
  • share and advertise your post on your social networks,
  • try to get a new collaboration, and even
  • send a thank you note to the editor of the blog where you posted.

It’s part of the work that collaborations entail. Do not post and disappear forgetting your “baby”, there is still much to do!

 Measure the results of your guest post

As I said, collaborating with a guest post does not end when you manage to publish on a third party’s blog. After achieving it, you are left to measure the results to verify or not that the article as a guest met your objectives .

One way to obtain data is through Google Analytics and its inbound link tracking system .


How to propose to an editor to collaborate on his blog by writing an article as a guest?

Plan your guest post object

Once again, you need to plan your guest post, which means you have to spend time planning it and its goals.

If you have followed my advice to find good candidate blogs where to publish your guest posts, at this point I suggest you create a document (it can be in Excel) where you include a list of those possible blogs where you would like to collaborate .

Remember, the idea of ​​the guest post is that both parties, you and the external blog, get benefits , and in your case you will not be able to earn much if the blog where you collaborate does not have high domain authority, little traffic, is not from your niche or does not reach your target audience.

In this document that I have recommended you to create, you can place:

  • the web address of the blog,
  • the name of the publisher,
  • an email address to contact you, and
  • the domain authority , which you can check from free tools like SEO Review Tools . You should rule out those blogs with a web domain authority of less than 30.

Do this task taking the necessary time, and you will be ready for the next step.

Know the approach of the blog with which you want to collaborate

When making a guest post , you are not only looking to get external links to your website (backlinks), but this collaboration strategy should bring benefits to the blog where you are going to publish your article as a guest. To achieve this, you must know the type of content that this blog publishes, the type of audience it writes to and the level of knowledge of its readers.

You will be able to obtain this information if you review the blog in detail and invest time in it ; This is very important for your guest post to be successful and attractive to the audience, as well as to win new invitations to participate in other blogs.

If the blog is based on tutorials, it will not do you much good to write a post with 3,000 thousand fabulous words, because your frequent audience will not feel identified. If the blog is aimed at companies and suppliers, then you do not gain anything by talking about products that you want to sell.

Knowing this type of data in detail is essential to carry out a good collaboration in any blog, whatever your niche or your company profile.

Evaluate other guest posts on that blog

Before you have your guest post ready, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the other guest posts already in it.

This way you will have a clear idea of ​​how this type of collaboration is received by the audience and if there is a positive effect on them. Also, this will help you get to know the style used by the other guest authors and get closer to it.

Get to know the profile of the other previous guest bloggers

Remember that we are talking about how to prepare a successful guest post and sell it to the publisher , blogger or blog owner you want to collaborate with.

So before contacting him, it is important that you know the profile of the collaborators (guest authors) who have already published with him. This way you will know what type of guests they prefer to collaborate with and you will be able to persuade them to accept your invitation.

Contributions are not an obligation, and sometimes you will find that your guest post proposal is not accepted. It is not the end of the world, but if you prepare well, the chances of rejection will be greatly reduced.

Check out the most popular blog posts

The topic you are going to write about in your guest post is a key factor when it comes to getting your collaboration proposal with the blog accepted.

So I suggest you review in detail which blog posts, with which you want to collaborate, have been most successful and best received by their audience . Pick a topic for your article that lives up to that.

Contact the blog, but not through a form

If you already know the style of the blog you want to collaborate on, you have planned the topic and you have a possible guest post that could be interesting for the audience of that blog, you are ready to contact its editor!

But do not do it through the contact form. The most effective way is to do it directly, so get an email address or a means where you can greet him directly and present your proposal. In this sense, social networks could help you to get this information .

Be close to the blog editor

When contacting the editor of the blog where you want to collaborate, you must be close and pleasant; Create a personal bond with him .

An ethical and practical way to achieve this is by letting him know from the beginning that you know his blog well and that you would like to participate in it because it is important in your niche; It is not about flattering, but about being considerate and being close and sincere.

Be easily identifiable and traceable

Just as you have researched the blog you are contacting and want to collaborate, the editor of this blog will want to do the same before giving you an answer; he’s not going to admit the first stranger who contacts him , is he?

This publisher will want to know who you are, what your reputation is, how influential you are in their niche, and what your social media presence is like.

One way to make this job easier for him is that before sending him your proposal, leave useful comments on his latest posts , so that he will already have an idea of ​​who you are when you contact him.

It is also very positive that you introduce yourself, leave data such as the number of followers your blog has (without bragging too much about your achievements), your style of publications or that you cite those places where you have already collaborated. This way you will not be a complete stranger to the editor and you reduce the risk of being discarded on the first try.

Show the publisher what you offer and what its value is

In addition to introducing yourself and telling the editor a little about yourself and your blog, it’s important to be clear about what you can offer them and don’t hesitate to highlight how this would add value to their blog .

For example, you could tell him that you were looking at the latest topics he published and that you want to create a guest post on a topic that is trending, which could reinforce the information that his blog is already offering.

Wait for the best moment to suggest collaboration

Collaborations have a time and a goal, so you won’t always be able to find the perfect opportunity to be accepted.

Some high-traffic blogs often announce when they are looking for collaborations , so keeping an eye on this information will help you find the perfect time to pitch your pitch.

If the blog you are targeting for your guest post mentions or links to you , don’t hesitate to contact them to thank them first, and then to suggest posting a guest post on their blog.

Write a fantastic collaboration invitation that they can’t refuse!

The first impression is the one that counts, right?

If this were not true, email marketing campaigns could be done in 5 minutes by anyone, but they need effort, creativity and a lot of cunning . The same goes for this invitation you want to send.

When you submit your guest post proposal to the blog editor, the blog editor will have a few seconds to decide whether to read your proposal or delete it ipso facto .

If you have followed my guidelines, you will know that you must create a personalized email , which does not start with the typical phrases that smell of spam, such as ‘ Dear, dear sir , etc.’, but must be close and strategic to attract their attention.

In addition, you must consider what guidelines are specified in the blog in which you want to publish, to submit your proposal according to the format and style that it requires, as well as remember that it is necessary for you to define who you are and what benefits the blog would gain if it accepted your proposal. proposal .

In your email, everything should be clearly explained, in a subtle way and as natural as possible. A good example would be:

Good morning {editor’s name}!

My name is {your name} and I have been a faithful reader of your blog for some time. You may remember me from some of my comments like the one I made on your article {URL or article title}, I loved this article by the way! Good job!

After reading you for a while, I dare to write to you because I would love to contribute to {blog title} with a publication as a guest author.

Before sending you this email, I have been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers are very interested in and would be very useful:

– {guest post idea}

– {guest post idea}

– {guest post idea}

If that’s okay with you, I would work very hard to make sure that the article I send you is completely original, creative and with information that cannot be found in any other blog, with the great quality of your articles!

Of course, there is no obligation and only by reviewing the article that I would prepare and send to you, you could decide whether or not to accept to publish that article on your blog.

So that you have an idea of ​​the quality of the article that I propose, I am sending you a link to a guest post that I recently published on {website name}: {URL of another guest post made by you}

If you want to know a little more about me, you can find me at: {web address and social networks}

I would love for you to take a minute to answer me, thank you!

Until then, I send you a hug and see you on your blog,

{your name}


Flying V or the aircraft that aims to transform air transport

A man holds a V-shaped model airplane above his head and runs across a field until he lets it go and watches it glide a few feet above the ground. This rudimentary flight test is the first step in creating the ingenious new airplane that its inventors say could change the way we fly in 2041.

Roelof Vos, adjunct professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft University (The Netherlands), works with a team of engineers on the construction of the Flying V. As its name suggests, it is an unusual V-shaped aircraft. which is called to revolutionize aircraft design, with its innovative oval-shaped cockpit.

“I’m an aircraft designer,” says Vos. “And this plane is beautiful,” he adds.

The project is the result of a collaboration with KLM and Airbus, and aims to make a splash in the landscape of so-called ‘green aviation’.

“We want to have a big impact on reducing fuel consumption. And this aircraft is designed to be more energy-efficient,” says Vos. “We are on a ‘plateau’ in aviation efficiency and the Flying V is trying to overcome that ‘plateau’. We have a long way to go, but this is a good starting point,” he adds.


How to File a Cybercrime Victim Complaint?

For Pakistani TV host Yashfeen Jamal, the moment came when she made a purchase online from her bank account and found out that she had suffered financial losses.

The general impression is that elements involved in online financial fraud target naive people, but details shared on social media timelines make it clear that even well-informed and educated people are not immune to cybercrime.

“I have also been the victim of phone fraud,” said Yashfeen Jamal, a victim of personal information theft and financial loss on the internet. My account was hacked and paid. Mentioning the online shopping platform and his bank, he hoped that both the companies would be able to do something.

Yashfeen Jamal was one of the lucky victims of cyber fraud who lost but immediately hoped for redressal.

Talking to Urdu News, television host Yashfeen Jamal said that the concerned FIA officials gave a good and prompt response to the identification of the problem and also provided necessary technical assistance to prevent any damage. The online shopping platform also immediately cancelled the fraudulent order.

Mentioning their way of keeping personal information and passwords safe on the internet, he said that they do not store account login details (usernames, passwords) etc. in the phone or application so that this information is misused. Could not be

In Pakistan, as in other parts of the world, where cybercriminals try new tactics to achieve their goals, the digital world seeks to prevent the misuse of personal information or to avoid financial fraud, as well as its victims. Relevant institutions also take various steps for education.

The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) NR3C or Cyber ​​Crime Cell is responsible for preventing cybercrime in Pakistan and taking action against those involved.

The last few years have seen a significant reduction in the number of cybercrimes in Pakistan. At the end of April stated that cybercrime had dropped by almost 50% despite increased use of the Internet in lockdown.

According to FIA data available with Urdu News, 923 incidents of cybercrime were reported in the three weeks before the lockdown, while 488 such incidents were reported in the first three weeks of the lockdown.

The director of FIA’s cybercrime wing had told Urdu News that in the last two months, his agency has exposed six notorious gangs involved in cybercrime and arrested 45 accused in connection with the cybercrime I have seen a pleasant reduction.

Despite the functionality of the Cyber ​​Crime Cell, some users complain that they have reported the problem but it is not being resolved. Liaqat Banuri, who is associated with the law department, pointed out a similar situation and wrote that “a complaint was lodged last week but even after eight or nine days there has been no response”.

The FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Cell has provided various facilities to consumers to lodge cybercrime complaints.

Victims of Internet fraud, personal information theft, harassment and other issues can report the problem by calling the Cyber ​​Crime Cell’s helpline 9911.

Helpdesk: can also be emailed. Complaints can also be lodged on the website, while crime can also be reported by visiting various zonal offices in person.

News Technology

Revolutionary change in IT sector, dagger Optical fiber starts work from now to Islamabad

ISLAMABAD Chairman C-Pac Authority Asim Saleem Bajwa has given good news in his tweet that optical fibre has started work from Khanjarab to Islamabad.

According to Pakistan Daily, Chairman Pak-China Economic Corridor (C-Pac) Lieutenant General (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa said that in the next phase fibre will be laid from Islamabad to Karachi. Revolutionary steps are being taken in the field of tea. Under the Digital Highway Plan from Islamabad to Gwadar, fibre optics will be activated.

He said that the Central Development Working Party has approved Rs 26 billion for the 146 km long Hoshab to Awaran road. He said that this highway in the remote districts of Ketch and Awaran is a ray of hope for the backward South Balochistan. And the lives of the people in these areas will change. In another tweet, Asim Saleem Bajwa said that the construction of an international airport in Gwadar at a cost of 23 230 million is in full swing. With the construction of Gwadar Airport, the city will enter a new era of development.

He said that Gwadar city is of central importance under the Pak-China Economic Corridor project. Gwadar also needed an international airport. Construction of Gwadar International Airport started last year and work on the project is in full swing. Asim Saleem Bajwa said that the world’s largest passenger plane A380 also landed on the runway of Gwadar’s state-of-the-art airport. There will be a flight facility.