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‘No matter how much noise you make, there will be no loss’ ( Asim Azhar and Haniya Aamir )

Singer Asim Azhar and Haniya Aamir have been seen together on social media since last year, after which the relationship between the two continued to be discussed on social media and intimacy were being talked about.
A few days ago, Haniya Aamir’s special egg was also seen in the video of Asim Azhar’s song ‘Tum Tum’, after which Haniya Aamir remained in the trend list on Twitter several times.
The names of Haniya Amir and Asim Azhar are in the top trending on the social networking website Twitter. What is the reason for this?
Haniya Aamir came live on Instagram with singer Aima Baig during which Aima asked about the relationship between Asim and Haniya, to which Haniya Amir replied, “Asim Azhar and I are very good friends and I am their friend.” I have also appeared in the video of the new song, we are both presents for each other.

After this live session, the video went viral on social media and Haniya Amir and Asim Azhar became a top trend on Twitter in which some users are expressing sympathy with Asim Azhar and most of the time Haniya Amir is making memes.
Twitter user Hassan wrote, ” Once we had Asim Azhar’s concert when he came on stage, everyone started chanting Haniya Haniya, to which Asim Azhar said, ‘No matter how much noise you make, you will not get Haniya.’ He said this for himself.

Twitter user Iqra wrote that “Asim has always supported Haniya in difficult times but now that she is settled, there is no need.”

Haniya Aamir and Asim Azhar’s memes based on photos of different brands’ photoshoots and ramp walk together in fashion shows were also part of the discussion among social media users.
Singer Asim Azhar has expressed his feelings for actress Haniya Aamir in interviews several times in the past, but he has not yet made a statement on the matter.
On the other hand, Haniya Aamir wrote a long caption on Instagram in response to the trolls saying, ” Asim Azhar is a very beautiful part of my life and we have seen good and bad times together and I also know that Pakistanis Have a good sense of humour but please be easy and social media trolls are not free at all and not too much.

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Indian actress dies after talking about death on social media

Divya Choksa had been suffering from cancer for the last one and a half years and was undergoing treatment, Indian media

India (13 July 2020) Indian actress who spoke of death on social media has passed away. There has been some good news from the Indian showbiz industry lately. Many famous stars have left their fans alone. Similarly, another Indian actress has passed away. According to Indian media reports, the Indian actress who spoke of death on social media has passed away.
Divya Choksa had been suffering from cancer for the last one and a half years and was undergoing treatment. According to India Today, Divya Chokse had acted in a few commercials, including a few dramas, but before the height of her career, she fell ill and has been undergoing treatment for the past year and a half.

The report further states that the actress had also released a message on social media regarding the difficulties encountered in this regard in which she also prayed for an easy death from the fans as well as love and kindness to all. Had expressed wishes.

Indian media reports further said that Divya Chokse’s condition suddenly deteriorated two days ago and she was admitted to the hospital, where on arrival she told fans in her Instagram story that she would not be able to reply to her messages. ۔ The actress had written that she would die of cancer and shortly after that she passed away.
Remember that many famous people of Indian drama and film industry have left this world before. The series that started with actor Irfan Khan is not going to stop, before that Irfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor and Shant Singh Rajput have left Bollywood. The most tragic of these deaths was that of Shashant Singh Rajput as a young actor who committed suicide due to depression.

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What are you doing in life, ‘all three are cute’

It usually happens that even if you think of making a video hiding in a corner of the house, the people of the house often try to spoil the video unknowingly and many times deliberately to tease or tease. Sometimes the younger siblings would do it, sometimes the whole video has to be made again because of the mother’s voice coming from the kitchen.
This is what happened to Babar Ali, a well-known actor in the Pakistani film industry, whose video is being shared on Instagram and Twitter platforms.
Actor Babar Ali shared his video on Instagram and wrote, “It always happens to me whenever I start recording something.”

It can be seen in the video that Babar Ali starts making videos to record some lines of serious poetry and his daughter tries to come in the video on which the actor addresses his daughter and says ‘Zainab is not this glass’. Yes, I am making a video. When Babar Ali stops his daughter, his son intervenes. The actors instruct the two not to come again, after which the two children leave.

Babar Ali repeats these lines of the poem, “O life, what can I say to you, what have you done to me, where no one has given me hope, I have reached this stage and I cannot stop …”

His video is not complete yet, the two naughty children come back and dance again, on which Babar Ali’s video is once again incomplete.

With the sound of laughter of both the children, these words are also heard.

Actress Yamna Zaidi wrote, “All three of you are very cute.”

Instagram user Sana wrote, “This video with your kids made my day. The funniest thing on the internet is your kids.”

The video of Babar Ali and his children is being liked not only on Instagram but also on Twitter. Twitter user Ali wrote, “My nieces and nephews do the same to me.”

Earlier, actors often made tick-tock videos with their daughter, which are also very viral. A Twitter user shared a video of Babar Ali with his daughter on Tik Tak and wrote ‘Father like Babar Ali’

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Instagram apologizes for deleting Bella Hadid’s post

The social media application Instagram has apologized for removing the post of American fashion model Bella Hadid about Palestine.

This week, the 23-year-old Palestinian-American model posted a picture of her father’s US passport on her Instagram account, saying she was born in Palestine.

 Bella Hadid shared a message she received from Instagram with over 30 million followers informing her that her post had been removed due to non-compliance with the application’s community policy.

American model Bella Hadid, while tagging Instagram on her account, raised the question that if she is proud of her father’s birthplace being Palestine, then which part of her post violates community policy.

He asked Instagram how his post advertises harassment or sexual content.

“For the safety of consumers, we do not allow the posting of personal information such as passport numbers,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

However, he added that Bella Hadid had blurred her passport number, so her post should not have been removed. “We have re-posted and apologized to Bella for this mistake.”