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Claudia Vasconcelos: How this trailblazer referee unexpectedly made history at the first Women’s World Cup

There are many things from the evening in which she made history that Claudia Vasconcelos remembers well, but 32 years on and it’s the atmosphere inside the stadium in Guangzhou, China, that is etched most vividly in her mind.

“It was very surreal actually,” she recalls with a broad smile that never leaves her face. “It was a packed stadium … being in a stadium with that number of fans for women’s football was a great joy.”

On November 29, 1991, Vasconcelos became the first female referee to officiate an official FIFA World Cup match, taking charge of the Women’s World Cup third-place playoff between Sweden and Germany at the Guangdong Provincial Stadium.

Her historic achievement wouldn’t be recognized until sometime afterwards, however, as FIFA was reluctant to brand the tournament as a ‘World Cup’ over fears it wouldn’t be a success, initially calling it the not-quite-so-catchy ‘1st FIFA World Championship for Women’s Football for the M&M’s Cup.’

The world governing body’s hesitancy to fully commit was also reflected in the referee uniforms worn by Vasconcelos and her assistants, none of which had FIFA branding, instead displaying only the emblems of their own federations.

In total, six female officials were appointed to games throughout the World Cup, including an all-female team for the third-place playoff comprised of Brazil’s Vasconcelos, Zuo Xiudi of China and New Zealand’s Linda Black.

With the trio lined up in the center circle ahead of kick off, Vasconcelos made sure to savor the moment. She looked up at the swathes of fans in the stand in front of her and let the sights and sounds of the occasion wash over her.

“It was very beautiful,” the Brazilian tells CNN Sport.

But, she says, she made sure not to forget why she was there. While the enormity of the occasion and her accomplishment remained at the forefront of her mind, she above all wanted to give the best possible account of herself as a referee.

‘We didn’t expect this’

In 1941, the Brazilian government pushed through a decree that said females would not be allowed to practice sports “incompatible with the conditions of their nature. ”

Vasconcelos says she decided she wanted to become a referee in 1983, just four years after the ban on women playing soccer in Brazil was lifted.

That same year, an organized women’s league in her home city of Rio de Janeiro was launched. A year later, she was officiating in the league’s matches.

Vasconcelos was soon taking charge of men’s youth matches and eventually senior men’s matches, and by the time the 1991 World Cup rolled around she was the preeminent female official in Brazil.

Initially, Vasconcelos recalls, there was no indication that she or the other five female officials who had been called up to the tournament as lineswomen would get the chance to referee one of the matches.

Claudia Vasconcelos officiating a match between Argentina and Australia in 1995.

It wasn’t until after the opening match, in which she and an assistant from Mexico took part, that FIFA informed her she would be leading an all-female team for the third-place playoff.

“It was a very big surprise,” she says, sounding no less excited at the prospect over three decades later. “We didn’t expect this to happen.”

Seated in the dressing room in the bowels of the Guangdong Provincial Stadium, everything Vasconcelos had gone through to get to this historic occasion played over in her head. The journey had been far from easy.

The now 60-year-old says she faced discrimination and a lack of support from within Brazilian football, which she says later contributed to her retirement from refereeing at the age of 37.

“I had my career very damaged by that,” she says, highlighting a lack of opportunities to officiate the biggest teams.

She also bemoaned bans she would receive for speaking out against local corruption in what she says was a deliberate attempt to stifle her career development.

Had the importance of the evening not sunk in yet for Vasconcelos, a member of FIFA’s referee committee made sure it did.

Ingrid Jonsson, a lineswoman in the 1991 World Cup final, was the first female official chosen to referee a final.

“He entered the dressing room to wish us a good game and asked me if I was aware that the game, that match, that my refereeing, would be the future of female refereeing,” she recalls him telling her.

“It was a lot of pressure because you’re going to enter the pitch and someone says to you: ‘Look, if you referee the game well, women’s refereeing will be successful. If you referee badly, you might not have it.’”

Vasconcelos’ performance caught the eye of those at the top of the sport and it wasn’t long before the adulation came flooding in.

She stayed in China until the final, where then FIFA president João Havelange, also a Brazilian, and Brazil great Pelé congratulated her in person.

“He [Pelé] watched the game and later, on the day of the final, he came to congratulate me and said that I had done an excellent job refereeing,” she recalled.

That night helped accelerate the progress of female officials. At the 1995 World Cup in Sweden, just four years later, seven of the 12 officials designated to the tournament were women and Sweden’s Ingrid Jonsson, a lineswoman in the 1991 World Cup final, became the first female official chosen to referee a final.

By 1999, all the officials chosen for the World Cup in the USA were women.

Fast forward to this day and the likes of Stéphanie Frappart, or the now retired Bibiana Steinhaus, have taken charge of men’s games, while Premier League assistant Sian Massey-Ellis is a common sight in the English top flight.

Claudia Vasconcelos refereeing Flamengo vs. Vasco in the 1994 junior Campeonato Carioca.

Though the landscape of women’s refereeing has changed markedly in the 32 years since Vasconcelos made history in China, the trailblazer says the requirements needed to be a competent referee have remained the same.

“I think what matters is not the sex of the person, you know? What matters is competence.”

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Sam Kerr: the superstar carrying Australia’s hopes on her shoulders

Aged 15 and 150 days, a fresh-faced Kerr ran onto the Canberra pitch to make her international debut for Australia in 2009. She had already become the youngest scorer in the W-League, Australia’s top division, and been voted players’ player of the year. Expectations were high.

But Australia fell to an emphatic 5-1 defeat to Italy that day and Alyssa Mautz, Kerr’s teammate at Perth Glory and the Chicago Red Stars in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), believed Kerr experienced a lot of pressure early in her career. “She couldn’t enjoy the game as much as I think she would like at that age,” she told CNN.

Fast forward to 2023 and Kerr is one of best players in the game and a global star. She became the first female player to feature on the global front cover of the popular soccer video game, FIFA, in 2022.

More force has been added onto the sizeable burden carried on her shoulders, though that may just drive the striker on to keep home hopes alive in this tournament.

“Being put on a pedestal and, like, having that stress of being the best player in Australia, I think it did drive her, obviously, and she already had that mentality of wanting to be the best,” said Mautz.

Only a handful of players get to experience leading their nation at a World Cup on home soil. Kerr has had to wait longer than expected for the honor at this tournament having been forced to miss Australia’s opening two games because of injury, and only named as a substitute for the final must-win group stage match against Canada.

Despite declaring herself fit for Australia’s game against Canada, Kerr wasn’t brought off the bench but the Matildas progressed to the next round thanks to a 4-0 thrashing of the Olympic champion.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 05: Australian Olympian Sam Kerr  is  projected onto the Sydney Opera House on September 05, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. Images are reflected onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House to celebrate the 486 Australians that competed in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and 179 Australians that competed in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The tournament, which is being played in both Australia and New Zealand, offers the Matildas the chance to put behind their surprise quarterfinal defeat to South Korea at last year’s Women’s Asian Cup and for Kerr to potentially lead the team to heights it has never previously reached. Kerr has timed a possible return to perfection.

‘An athlete from the beginning’

Kerr comes from a sporting family. Her Indian-born father was a professional Australian rules football player while her brother, Daniel, also played the sport, which is more commonly known as Aussie Rules, for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League (AFL). Aussie Rules is a sport played with an oval ball in a team of 18 players with points scored by kicking the ball through goal posts.

Her athleticism and skill made Kerr stand out from an early age.

Bobby Despotovski, who would go onto coach Kerr at the Perth Glory, remembers first seeing the then 13-year-old at a youth team training session.

“I saw her running and playing, and I thought to myself that this girl has attributes to become one of the best footballers in the world,” Despotovski told CNN in 2019.

Nicola Williams, a former professional player who would go onto coach Kerr during her debut season with the Glory, recalled seeing a shy 15-year-old with veteran players but, contrastingly, witnessing her come out her of shell when she was with with her peers.

“She was an athlete from the beginning, so it didn’t matter what sporting context you put her in and hence why she was very good at netball, AFL and then soccer,” Williams told CNN Sport.

Williams also remembered Kerr training with players much older than her at Western Australia camps during her teenage years.

“She would run with a great technique, with a want to get first to the ball. She was able to judge the bounce of a ball, the speed of the ball, she was fast and her vertical jump – and we did testing and things like that – was huge at that age. She just had a natural plyometric ability. So put her on a football field, she was fast, she was dangerous, one vs. one, she wanted to go at people.”

While she may not have been the most polished footballer with the ball at her feet initially, Kerr possessed the requisite work ethic to improve on her skills to become a more well-rounded player.

Williams explained that her dramatic development with the ball came when she chose to commit fully to soccer and that her “carefree nature” allowed her to not to get bogged down when things went against her.

Mautz said her progression year-on-year was clear to see.

“I think she just took the time and realized that she can go pretty far. You could just see the difference each year, becoming better and better, which was such a cool process to see for her just as a teammate and a friend,” Mautz told CNN.

“And it’s just very exciting to see such a young player and, me being a little bit older, seeing her excel on those pieces of the game that she needed. And now watching her at Chelsea, she’s freakin’ sick, the way she can put texture on the ball, bringing down the ball. I mean, it’s just night and day from when I first started playing with her and now seeing her, honestly.”

BRENTFORD, ENGLAND - APRIL 11: Sam Kerr of Australia celebrates after scoring the team's first goal during the Women's International Friendly match between England and Australia at Gtech Community Stadium on April 11, 2023 in Brentford, England.

Excelling under pressure

Due to her family’s sporting background and her evident natural ability, much was expected from Kerr early on. Those expectations only increased given she was learning the game in a nation where soccer is far from the main sport.

Kerr began to thrive in the limelight. A two-year stint with the Western New York Flash saw her game develop further and by the time she returned to the Perth Glory in August 2014, she was a bona fide superstar.

She split her time playing for her hometown club while also featuring for Sky Blue FC – now NJ/NY Gotham FC in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) – as she began to rack up ridiculous scoring figures.

ROCHESTER, NY - JULY 19:  Samantha Kerr #20 of the Sky Blue FC shoots the ball around Brittany Taylor #13 of the Western New York Flash during the first half at Sahlen's Stadium on July 19, 2015 in Rochester, New York.  The Sky Blue FC and the Western New York Flash played to a 0-0 draw.

It was during that time in Perth where Mautz first shared a locker room with Kerr. Mautz was also playing for the Chicago Red Stars in the NWSL and, together with her teammate Vanessa DiBernado, when with the Perth squad in 2016, embarked on an ambitious recruiting mission to persuade Kerr to play in Illinois. Kerr eventually succumbed.

“We definitely needed a No. 9 and she was that one piece we were missing,” said Mautz. “So I mean, Vanessa and I and the head coach at the time were in her ear, like, constantly getting her to try and get over to our team because she was playing with Sky Blue at the time who wasn’t winning much and we were consistently in the playoff position, so that was a big pull for her.”

As well as appreciating her “humble” nature off the pitch, Mautz highlighted how simple Kerr made her life on the pitch.

“If you misspass the ball by a little, she was going to do anything and everything to get to that ball. No complaints from her, like, ‘No. Why did you play that sh*t ball?’ She was just: ‘I’m going to try my best to make this work and we’re going to go for it,’” she said.

“I think that determination and that fight helped our team so much that it didn’t matter who we were playing or if the team was playing well or bad that day, she was going to give it her all. That’s something special. And she knew that she was the best player, but … she never had that swag to her.”

Although she fell short of winning an NWSL title – finishing runner-up in 2019 – by the time Kerr left Perth and Chicago to join Chelsea in the Women’s Super League in January 2020, she had scored 52 goals in 49 games for Perth and 35 goals in 43 goals for the Red Stars.

Kerr had certainly made her impact felt on the league by becoming the NWSL’s all-time leading goalscorer.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 15: Sam Kerr of Chelsea celebrates after scoring their team's third goal during the Vitality Women's FA Cup Final match between Chelsea Women and Manchester City Women at Wembley Stadium on May 15, 2022 in London, England.

Kerr transformed Chelsea into the best women’s team in the country, winning four straight Women’s Super League (WSL) titles, three FA Cups and two League Cups with the only thing missing a Champions League winners medal – Chelsea finished runner-up in 2021 – in her four seasons in London.

On top of Kerr’s 90 goals in all competitions for Chelsea, her global stardom has also been recognized through her deal with EA Sports and coming third in successive Ballon d’Or Féminin events – in 2021 and 2022.

A Women’s World Cup on home soil was supposed to mark her crowning moment, but the story hasn’t quite gone to plan. Not yet, at least.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 15: Sam Kerr of Chelsea takes a selfie as she celebrates with teammates following the Vitality Women's FA Cup Final match between Chelsea Women and Manchester City Women at Wembley Stadium on May 15, 2022 in London, England.

“It’s just unreal to where she’s gone now. I never would have thought anything less than her, to be honest,” Mautz said. “And I think being such a big player, she was always so humble about it and that’s what I loved the most about her.

“Like, you would have no idea that she’s a star and sometimes she gets awkward when she’s getting so much attention, but I think she’s getting better at that. She’s just come so far.”

Quite the journey for soccer’s “humble” superstar.

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Ryder Cup: Europe and US teams look evenly matched for Rome contest

While the vast majority of Luke Donald’s Ryder Cup six wildcard selections picked themselves, Europe’s skipper has ensured he will lead a balanced team in the quest to win back the trophy in Italy.

The youthful verve of 23-year-old Swedish sensation Ludvig Aberg and Denmark’s Nicolai Hojgaard, 22, is counterbalanced by the canny knowhow of Justin Rose and Shane Lowry.

Tommy Fleetwood was always going to be in the side and likewise Sepp Straka after the Austrian’s runner-up finish at The Open last July. They complement powerhouse figures such as Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and Viktor Hovland.

But the recent form of Lowry and Rose is a concern. The Irishman has not posted a top 10 since finishing fifth at the Honda Classic in February while Rose missed cuts at the US and Scottish Opens as well as The Open at Hoylake.

The Englishman said he has proved he is Ryder Cup ready but knows he needs to be “Ryder Cup-winning ready” for what will be his sixth appearance.

“It’s really the start of the mission,” Rose said. “I’ve always really tried to, and enjoyed, the process of trying to prepare for major championships, trying to peak at the right time and that’s my challenge now.

“As a player, it’s just what can I do over the course of the next three weeks to be winning point ready. Just to go out and put myself with the best opportunity to win a point, which is why you’re on the team.”

Happily, from a European point of view, Rose usually delivers when wearing European colours. He boasts an enviable record of 13 wins, eight defeats and two halves in his five appearances to date.

He has been particularly impressive in fourball play and, after being left out of the 2021 defeat, could prove a valuable foil for one of the four rookies included in the European team when play gets under way on 29 September at the Marco Simone Country Club near Rome.

Lowry’s Ryder Cup experience is more limited. He made a passionate debut at Whistling Straits two years ago but posted only one point out of a possible three as the United States romped to their record 19-9 victory.

The 36-year-old has struggled on the greens for much of this year, but sometimes matchplay – where often there is less concern over a potential follow-up putt – can unlock a freer and more effective stroke.

Donald insists that Wisconsin defeat means his team should be considered underdogs, never mind that they are unbeaten at home for the past three decades.

And in Aberg he has what he describes as a “generational talent” at his disposal. A prodigious hitter, the Swede seems to have that X-factor of being able to seize the moment when most needed.

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Antony: Brazil drop Manchester United winger after abuse allegations

razil have dropped Manchester United winger Antony following allegations of abuse by his former girlfriend.

The Brazilian football federation said the 23-year-old had been withdrawn from the squad after “facts became public” that “need to be investigated”.

Brazilian news outlet UOL published allegations made by Antony’s ex-partner on Monday.

Police in Sao Paulo and Greater Manchester are investigating the claims, which the player has denied.

“I can calmly state that the accusations are false and that the evidence already produced and the other evidence that will be produced demonstrate that I am innocent of the accusations made,” Antony said on social media.

“I trust that the ongoing police investigations will demonstrate the truth about my innocence.”

Antony is accused of attacking his former girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin “with a headbutt” in a Manchester hotel room on 15 January, leaving her with a cut head which needed treatment from a doctor.

She also alleges she was punched in the chest, causing damage to a silicone breast implant, which required corrective surgery.

Antony added in his statement on Monday that his relationship with his former partner was “tumultuous”, but insisted he “never committed any physical aggression”.

He also released a statement in June saying he had been falsely accused by his former girlfriend of domestic violence.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said it is “aware of the allegations made and enquiries remain ongoing to establish the circumstances surrounding this report”.

It added: “We will not be commenting any further at this time.”

Manchester United said they had no comment on the matter at present when contacted by BBC Sport.

The allegations come after the Premier League club announced last month that forward Mason Greenwood would leave by mutual agreement following a six-month internal investigation.

Charges against Greenwood, including rape and assault, were dropped in February. The 21-year-old joined Spanish side Getafe on loan last week.

Antony has been replaced in the Brazil squad by Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia and Peru.

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Trump attacks ‘no personality’ DeSantis and repeats election lies in Nevada

Donald Trump attacked Ron DeSantis at a rally in Las Vegas on Saturday, saying his closest challenger for the Republican presidential nomination had “no personality” – but claiming responsibility for the Florida governor’s career on the national stage.

“I said, listen Ron, you’re so dead that if Abraham Lincoln and George Washington came back from the dead, and if they put their hands and hearts together and prayed … nothing is going to change. Ron, you are gone.”

DeSantis beat the Democrat Andrew Gillum for governor, pursued a hard-right agenda in office then beat Charlie Crist, a former governor and former Republican, in a re-election landslide last year.

But DeSantis has struggled to make an impact on the presidential campaign, a clear second to Trump but unable to dent a near-30 point lead for the former president in most poll averages.

“I’m not a big fan of his, and he’s highly overrated,” Trump said in Las Vegas.

Hitting DeSantis for having supported cuts to social security, Trump said: “The one thing you have to remember, when a politician comes out with an initial plan and then they go into a corner because they’re getting killed. Because he’s getting killed. Well, he also has no personality. That helps, right?”

According to, DeSantis “has, in the past, supported proposals that would reduce social security and Medicare spending, including raising the age for full eligibility”. DeSantis now says he will not “mess with” social security but Trump has seized on a profitable line of attack.

DeSantis is widely seen to lack campaigning skills, struggling to connect with voters and engaging in barbed conversations with reporters. This week, he told Fox News the “corporate media” was to blame for his struggles.

“Well, I think if you look at the people like the corporate media, who are they going after?” he said. “Who do they not want to be the nominee? They’re going after me.”

DeSantis also said he would participate in the first Republican debate in August, an event Trump has suggested he will skip.

Trump dominates the primary with more than 50% support despite facing an unprecedented 71 criminal indictments and the prospect of more.

Trials are scheduled over hush money payments to a porn star and Trump’s retention of classified records. The former president pleaded not guilty to all charges. He also denied wrongdoing in a civil case in which he was held liable for sexual abuse and defamation against the writer E Jean Carroll, and ordered to pay about $5m.

Further indictments are thought imminent from state and federal prosecutors regarding election subversion and incitement of the January 6 attack on Congress.

In Las Vegas, Trump repeated his lie about his conclusive defeat by Biden.

The Nevada Independent said “more than 10 attendees ” it interviewed “echoed Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him, dismissed … indictments against him as an abuse of government power and said Trump was the only Republican presidential candidate who has always stayed true to his word”.

Attendees, the paper added, “described Trump as the only candidate who could save the country from ruin”.


Non-Wearable Sleep Tracker Market Size, Development Data, Growth Analysis & Forecast 2023 to 2028 -Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Xiaomi, Emfit, Sleep Number, Serta Simmons Bedding, ResMed, SleepScore Labs

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1) What so unique about this Camera Battery Charger Assessment?

Market Factor Analysis: In this economic slowdown, impact on various industries is huge. Moreover, the increase in demand & supply gap as a resultant of sluggish supply chain and production line have made market worth observing. It also discusses technological, regulatory and economic trends that are affecting the market. It also explains the major drivers and regional dynamics of the global market and current trends within the industry.

Market Concentration: Includes C4 Index, HHI, Comparative Camera Battery Charger Market Share Analysis (Y-o-Y), Major Companies, Emerging Players with Heat Map Analysis

Market Entropy: Randomness of the market highlighting aggressive steps that players are taking to overcome current scenario. Development activity and steps like expansions, technological advancement, M&A, joint ventures, launches are highlighted here.

Patent Analysis: Comparison of patents issued by each players per year.

Peer Analysis: An evaluation of players by financial metrics such as EBITDA, Net Profit, Gross Margin, Total Revenue, Segmented Market Share, Assets etc to understand management effectiveness, operation and liquidity status.

2)Why only few Companies are profiled in the report?
Industry standards like NAICS, ICB etc are considered to derive the most important manufacturers. More emphasis is given on SMEs that are emerging and evolving in the market with their product presence and technological upgraded modes, current version includes players like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Pisen, DSTE, Sigma, UGREEN, Kodak etc and many more.

** Companies reported may vary subject to Name Change / Merger etc.

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3) What details will competitive landscape will provide?
A value proposition chapter to gauge Camera Battery Charger market. 2-Page profiles of all listed company with 3 to 5 years financial data to track and comparison of business overview, product specification etc.

4) What all regional segmentation covered? Can specific country of interest be added?
Country that are included in the analysis are North America, US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Russia, Nordic Countries, Benelux, Rest of Europe, Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Rest of Asia, South America, Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America, Middle East & Africa, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Rest of Middle East & Africa
** Countries of primary interest can be added if missing.

5) Is it possible to limit/customize scope of study to applications of our interest?
Yes, general version of study is broad, however if you have limited application in your scope & target, then study can also be customize to only those application. As of now it covers applications Aeronautics, Airports & Others.

** Depending upon the requirement the deliverable time may vary.

To comprehend Camera Battery Charger market dynamics in the world mainly, the worldwide Camera Battery Charger market is analyzed across major global regions. Customized study by specific regional or country can be provided, usually client prefers below

  • North America: United States of America (US), Canada, and Mexico.
    • South & Central America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.
    • Middle East & Africa: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and South Africa.
    • Europe: the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, NORDICs, BALTIC Countries, Russia, Austria and Rest of Europe.
    • Asia: India, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam etc) & Rest
    • Oceania: Australia & New Zealand

Basic Segmentation Details
Camera Battery Charger Product Types In-Depth: Single Port, Double Ports, Other Type.

Camera Battery Charger Major Applications/End users: Commercial, Personal

Geographical Analysis: North America, US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Russia, Nordic Countries, Benelux, Rest of Europe, Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Rest of Asia, South America, Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America, Middle East & Africa, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Rest of Middle East & Africa & Rest of World

For deep analysis of Camera Battery Charger Market Size, Competition Analysis is provided which includes Revenue (M USD) by Players (2023-2028) & Market Share (%) by Players (2023-2028) complimented with concentration rate.

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Actual Numbers & In-Depth Analysis of Camera Battery Charger Market Size Estimation and Trends Available in Full Version of the Report.

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