Capsules are also available to prevent corona virus

Merck, an international pharmaceutical company, has developed a capsule to protect against the corona virus and its contagious disease, Covid 19, while reducing the severity of the disease in hospitals. In the second phase of clinical trials, the capsule has been successfully tested in 775 volunteers from the United States and other countries who were infected with the corona virus. All volunteers This capsule was given twice a day, for five consecutive days. None of the volunteers who used it reached the hospital or died of the corona virus.
The capsule is also effective against the delta variant of the corona virus, which is currently the leading cause of the Covid 19 global pandemic, according to a Merck & Co. press release. The FDA has also been asked to approve the capsules on an emergency basis. On the other hand, a large number of Asian countries have made advance bookings for the capsules so that they would be quick to respond to the outbreak. Other coronavirus pills and capsules are being worked on by various agencies, and it is hoped that by the end of this year, we will not only have enough vaccines to fight the Covid 19 epidemic, but also the disease. Defeat capsules and tablets will also be available.

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