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Best Restaurants For Breakfast In Karachi

Breakfast is an essential part of the day, and most people prefer going out to fill their morning. There are two kinds of people; One who prefer English breakfast, while the rest prefer desi. Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered about the best go-to-places in Karachi for a delightful breakfast.

1. Tooso.

Tooso is located in Bahadurabad and P.E.C.H.S, and it has become a go-to place for the best desi nashta ever.


2. Master Juice.

Master juice is located in Defence phase II and this one is another go-to-place for the best halwa puri nashta and juices. You don’t wanna miss out on this.


3. Daily Dubai.

Daily Dubai is another sit-down place for a healthy breakfast. It’s great for families, and significant others, too.


4. Dhamtal Sweets, Bakers, and Nimco.

Dhamtal in Ayesha Manzil is another popular breakfast destination on the other side of the bridge. Its a sweets shop, and bakery that also serves halwa puri and it’s finger-licking’ good!

5. Dera Restaurant, Boat Basin.

Clifton is home to the famous Boat Basin food strip and the Dera Restaurant is a quite popular destination for early morning breakfast. The strip is famous for various eateries for halwa puri but Dera is the one we prefer over the others.


6. Gloria Jeans.

Gloria Jeans really speaks to human taste buds and provides the breakfasting experience in Karachi. Their well-flavored Nutella spreader cakes are amongst the best and every visitor must try them. If you are a Nutella lover then you can order Nutella online and can make different dishes at home.

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7. Bella Vita.

Bella Vita’s breakfast is to die for! With perfect ambience and service, everything is on point there.

8. Espresso.

Espressos is another place for amazing and healthy breakfast. Oh, and their client service is really good, too. 5 stars for them.


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9. N’eco’s Cafe.

N’eco’s is literally my go-to-place for breakfasts with not only amazing food but the atmosphere, too. A MUST VISIT, GUYS!

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10. Cafe Floc.

FLOC – For The Love Of Coffee. Oh well, not just for that but everything that resides in there. TOTES IN LOVE WITH IT.

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There are many places in Karachi famous for breakfasts so we may have missed out a few of your favourites. Do give us your recommendations as well in the comments below. We are sure your mouth is watering after going through this list. We won’t be surprised you’ve decided to stop by these places before you head off to work or school or on a Sunday morning.

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