Benefits of Aloe Vera

Allah Almighty has created all kinds of plants and herbs in the world which can cure various ailments. Aloe vera is also a plant which has a treasure trove of medical benefits. Can be grown. For centuries people have been using aloe vera for its natural beauty which is why it is known as a houseplant.
Gheekwar is also used as a food item. Gheekwar has been used for a long time in medicine, shampoo, beauty cleansing creams and conditioners.
Medical experts studied a hydrogen made from the saliva (gel) of this plant and found that it is very useful for mouth ulcers. Apply Gheekwar pulp on dull and coarse hair and when it is dry, wash the hair and it will become soft and smooth like silk. Prepare the mixture by mixing one and a half spoon of turmeric and apply it on the scalp and leave it for one and half hours. Eating seven grams of pulp daily relieves constipation.
Aloe vera is also said to be useful for gums and teeth. Apply a little bit of its pulp on the teeth and gums and then after five minutes, clean the teeth with salt. Teeth will be shiny and gums will be strong if the face. If the nail acne is not going away in any case, apply aloe vera pulp two to three times a day. With continuous use, the face will be cleansed in three to four months. Aloe vera heals wounds, heals sunburned skin. Extremely useful for ulcers, diabetes and digestive system. Applying aloe vera pulp on burns provides immediate relief.

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