This social experiment of Surf Excel is to aware our society that no matter how many times a person stumbles the only thing that matters is not giving up.


As we grow older, we forget this lesson that our glory is never in failure but in rising each time we fall and that is exactly what these children in the video are teaching us. Let’s dig in.



Surf Excel’s #HaarkoHarao was an all-aged activity devised on Children’s Day between parents and children to promote the idea of success and how both differentiate when it comes to trying again and again.





A challenge was given to adults and children separately.


This experiment revolved around the idea of self-confidence and learning from mistakes. Two groups were taken; One consisted of Adults and one of children. The outcome of this experiment was quite shocking.




While 84% adults fell off the log, 92% children fell of it too.



They didn’t lose hope and kept on trying over and over again,




Children helped one another to conquer the fear of failure and ended up cheerfully accomplished.



Upon revealing the results, adults soon realized the reasons for their failure. A lesson that children taught them with their determination and conviction.



Their wisdom lies in their innocence,



Adults realized the reason behind their performance and concluded,


“When I fell down I thought it was all over. There’s no other chance, it’s done. We never thought of helping each other, to crawl along the length or try different ideas. There was no out-of-the-box thinking. We made our own rules. Even if they fell while completing the task, they went back in line, wanting to try again. We, on the other hand were shying away from doing it again.”



While children immediately pointed out the error, concluding,


“Uncle & aunty didn’t try. We were trying again and again. They got scared and accepted defeat.”


Kids never fail, because they don’t know what failing means!



Failure is denounced and looked down by society at large,



We, adults, usually give up and are hesitant to try. While, kids are resilient to conquer their fears. Children look upto US for admiration and what are we teaching them? To fear? This social experiment by Surf Excel sparks a debate on how and what are we teaching our kids? We should give them example of coming back with more confidence each time failure knocks their way.


It is to knock-out failure with success.


Through this social experiment, Surf Excel wants everyone to truly consider how they deal with the fear of failure in life and what values are they imparting to the kids.



Kyun Kay Daagh Tou Achay Hotey Hain.