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Verified Market Research® stands at the forefront as a global leader in Research and Consulting, offering unparalleled analytical research solutions that empower organizations with the insights needed for critical business decisions. Celebrating 10+ years of service, VMR has been instrumental in providing founders and companies with precise, up-to-date research data.

With a team of 500+ Analysts and subject matter experts, VMR leverages internationally recognized research methodologies for data collection and analysis, covering over 15,000 high impact and niche markets. This robust team ensures data integrity and offers insights that are both informative and actionable, tailored to the strategic needs of businesses across various industries.

VMR’s domain expertise is recognized across 14 key industries, including Semiconductor & Electronics, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Technology, Automobiles, Defense, Mining, Manufacturing, Retail, and Agriculture & Food. In-depth market analyses cover over 52 countries, with advanced data collection methods and sophisticated research techniques being utilized. This approach allows for actionable insights to be furnished by seasoned analysts, equipping clients with the essential knowledge necessary for critical revenue decisions across these varied and vital industries.

Verified Market Research® is also a member of ESOMAR, an organization renowned for setting the benchmark in ethical and professional standards in market research. This affiliation highlights VMR’s dedication to conducting research with integrity and reliability, ensuring that the insights offered are not only valuable but also ethically sourced and respected worldwide.





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Our Journey

We love to learn about the latest market trends. Our team of enthusiastic people has crossed the headcount of 100. We have stepped into multiple mainlands to deliver multiple touchpoints.

  • Verified Market Research (VMR) is established with the aim to provide Business intelligence and Market Research studies.


  • VMR expands its operations to Delaware, USA.


  • VMR completes 1000+ market research reports for top Fortune 5000 companies.


  • VMR crosses 150 team members mark.


  • VMR introduces BI-enabled dashboard Verified Market Intelligence for real-time market research and analysis.


  • VMR entering into fifth successful year of market research services.


What makes us different

Our teams are the true essence of VMR. They have made their name by effectively translating high-value opportunities into reality for customers. From risk mitigation to internal assessment, we offer insights that guide clients to make necessary changes as per market landscape. We have the best team for researching new ways to boost ROI.


BI-enabled dashboard helps in comprehensive coverage of data that suits the needs and requirements of every client. We dedicate hours of research to enhance competitive capability of our clientbase present across globe.


We offer value in every project we undertake. All insights are exclusive to VMR. We continuously evaluate the market to keep ourselves updated about the latest trends. We have the best research team in the industry.


Our result-oriented approach includes transparent communication of methodologies in addition to consulting facilities. We combine years of analysts’ experience with research tools to help you in overcoming business challenges.

Where will you find us?

We truly understand the gravity of all your queries and thus we have designed away so that you can directly connect with us. Currently, we have our offices at – Pune (India) ,Washington (USA) & Dubai (Middle East). You can reach out to us across our multiple touchpoints.

Asia Pacific

Pune – India
Office no : 101, Delta-2, Giga Space IT Park
Viman Nagar, Pune – 411014

Tel : +61 485 860 968

North America

United States of America
1015 15th Street NW #600
Washington DC  20005

USA Tel : +1 650 781 4080

Middle East

United Arab Emirates
Office-1812, Burjuman Business Tower
Al-Mankhool, Dubai

Tel : +971-503102968

Client Success Stories

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VMR Clients


Consulting Partnerships
Beyond providing market research reports, VMR engages in consulting partnerships, acting as an extension of our clients' research and strategy teams. This service is particularly valuable for addressing larger-scale issues that require an in-depth investigation of the market and its components. Through these partnerships, we collaborate closely with clients to define project objectives and milestones, committing ourselves to their success over engagements that typically span more than a quarter. This approach ensures that our clients not only receive data but also benefit from strategic insights tailored to their specific needs.
Industry Dashboards
Our proprietary tool, Verified Market Intelligence (VMI), offers clients a centralized platform for accessing research insights across any market, globally. This innovative dashboard facilitates quick access to crucial market data, featuring interactive charts and graphs that detail the quantitative aspects of our research. VMI is designed to simplify the analysis process, allowing clients to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.
Market Research Reports
At the heart of our offerings is a comprehensive library of over 400,000 market research reports, covering 14 parent industries and more than 3,000 sub-categories. This extensive collection is a testament to our commitment to niche and emerging markets—sectors often overlooked by larger firms focused on broader topics. Through this focused approach, we provide our clients with insights into specific areas of interest, enabling them to uncover opportunities in less saturated markets.