9 Types of Dancers We See at a Mehndi

One of the very few things people are excited about at a Shaadi is the mehndi dances. No Shaadi is complete without mehndi dances, in fact, the Shaadi actually starts, when the dance practices for the mehndi begins. When there is mehndi, there are dance practices, when there are dance practices there are dancers, the overly hyper excited dancer to the lousy bored dancers to the and the list goes one.

Here are 9 types of dancers we all get to see on every mehndi.

1.The so call leader: That one person who self proclaims him/her self the leader, from how many songs to dance on, who will dance on which song and what steps are be included and excluded. Turns a dance practice into a battlefield.

2.The overexcited one: Wants to dance on all the songs despite the fact he/she is a really bad dancer. Plays the whole game on their Govinda expressions.

3.The robot: Has zero flexibility and is stiff as a stick. You give them any step and they will do it with a straight face and a straight body.

4.The ditcherz: Show up on the first and only dance practice. That is the first and the last of them you will ever see, they are full of excuses, Job mein busy hu, family mein shaadi hai, exams horahy hai yaar!

5.The under pressure choreography:  If you are a good dancer, everybody expects you to come out with magical dance steps in seconds. They put on the song and sit down to look at you with expectant eyes while you stand there for a while saying “Sochnay tou dou” and desperately waiting for some miraculous help. So much pressure!

6.The “important” dancer: The bride’s sister, first cousin, brother in law and best friend, the ones who get all the best songs, solos and front-of-the-line attention, even if they are a bad dancer. It’s just unfair and makes you want to beg your sister/best friend to marry soon.

7.The leftie: The life and death situation at every dance practice, the nerve racking moment to hear at every dance step “Ye right sey karna hai ya left sey?” until someone inevitably shouts “SAB KUCH RIGHT SEY HOGA!” to which there comes a scared voice “Yaar mein leftie hun!

8.The synchronization officer: Who is in charge of making sure all arms, hands and legs move together. Who feels it’s his/her religious duty to keep a watch, all dancers eat, breathe, sleep, drink and if left up to them even poop together!

9.The zaberdasti invited people: Who basically had no idea when they were getting ready for the event, that they will be brought up on stage to perform. And because of the immense pressure and limelight they end up giving a performance of a lifetime

Now you must be wondering which category have you belonged to in your past dance performances in mehndis, and which roles you will opt for in the upcoming mehndis in future