What is the role of experiments in vaccine development?

Unless the results of laboratory experiments prove that the results are positive and encouraging and that scientists do not identify and believe that the vaccine or treatment developed is effective, Is not sent to the next step.

Humans need a large number of volunteers to experiment. The Pfizer / BionTech vaccine has been tested on about 400,000 volunteers.

In this process half of the volunteers are vaccinated with the prepared vaccine while the rest are given a simple solution. In this process, researchers and volunteers involved in the experiment are not told who has received the original vaccine and who has received the simple solution, unless their laboratory results have been analyzed. This is done so that there is no bias in the process.

The results of all these experiments are independently tested and evaluated.

Corona vaccine experiments have been carried out very quickly, but no steps have been taken during this process.

Vaccine trials at Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company Astrasnica were stopped at one point on a voluntary basis to find out why one in thousands of people involved in the experiment died. The vaccine trial was resumed after it became clear that the person had not died from the vaccine-related cause.

Approved vaccine or treatment or Who?

The use of any new vaccine on humans can only be authorized by an institution set up for this purpose in any country.

This is the work of the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) in the UK, which allows use only if it is satisfied that its human use is safe and effective.

“The public must be convinced that the standards we work on are world-class,” said Dr. John Rene, head of the first organization to approve the corona vaccine for general use worldwide.

The vaccine continues to be tested after approval to ensure that it has no harmful health effects or long-term effects.

Anyone suspected of having or suffering from the harmful health effects of this vaccine can complain to the Drug Regulatory Agency.



Flying V or the aircraft that aims to transform air transport

A man holds a V-shaped model airplane above his head and runs across a field until he lets it go and watches it glide a few feet above the ground. This rudimentary flight test is the first step in creating the ingenious new airplane that its inventors say could change the way we fly in 2041.

Roelof Vos, adjunct professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft University (The Netherlands), works with a team of engineers on the construction of the Flying V. As its name suggests, it is an unusual V-shaped aircraft. which is called to revolutionize aircraft design, with its innovative oval-shaped cockpit.

“I’m an aircraft designer,” says Vos. “And this plane is beautiful,” he adds.

The project is the result of a collaboration with KLM and Airbus, and aims to make a splash in the landscape of so-called ‘green aviation’.

“We want to have a big impact on reducing fuel consumption. And this aircraft is designed to be more energy-efficient,” says Vos. “We are on a ‘plateau’ in aviation efficiency and the Flying V is trying to overcome that ‘plateau’. We have a long way to go, but this is a good starting point,” he adds.


rama meadows gilgit baltistan

Rama Meadows Astore district Gilgit Baltistan. We have to travel to Rama MeadowsSo to travel to that point we need 7 – 8 hoursand. The distance from Rama Meadows Astore district is merely a few kilometres, the journey can take concerning half-hour due to higher ridges. There ar many near stay places. The weather is generally cold right throughout the year. Mobile signals reception is week. the sole operating network was Zong that also was at limited places.

We also have to cross Challas in between that is why we have to start early in the daythe issue with Challas isthat it closes at4 pm so you can’t cross it.we want to cross that bridge as early as possibleyou would be thinking that what was the need to get up early and get going?the need was that had to see the Rama Lake also today.and we had only one day to see Rama meadows and Lakeand the next day we had to leave for Minimarg and Domel.that was all the reasons for starting the journey early in the morningAnd check this out. God Rays coming out of the sky.these things you can only find in the morning :)these are some of the favorite drives which I loved, these are between Jalkhad and Babusar Pass regionhere there are mountains, your car, and greenery and it is fully joyfullike Rumi says, “travel brings back love and power to your life”I think Rumi was mad just like me.From Naran, it took us about 1.5 hours to reach Lulusar LakeLulusar lake has its own unique beauty.

The height of the lake is 3410 metersthe road runs alongside the lake.river Kunhar has two sources one of them isLulusar lake and the other one is Dudipatsar lakefrom here we traveled towards Babusar passwhich was only 30mins away from Lulusar LakeBabusar’s height is 13700ftso, it is cold up there, so keep a jacket with youmaking nature a rival is not a necessitydon’t make stupid decisions.otherwise, people end up with a fever and say my stomach hurts as wellwe have reached Babusar PassI don’t know what time of day is it?let’s see.

It is about 7 o clockusually, it’s very cold here but today it is finebut if you seeedown therethese types of places make me happy when I see themthat is the only reasonI love to traveldrank some tea and enjoyed the weatherand thought about lifethen I went to see the view of challasas I reached i saw piles of garbagewhat are you doing with your home Pakistani people?and look at this …. watermountainsand Agriculturewe have decedend from Babusar Passalmost about to reach challasit was cold up theredown here it is hotit was 6 degrees Cnow it is 18 degrees Cand down in challas it will be 35 degrees CFrom Babusar pass Challas is an hour away.and the terrain before that was very differentbefore the mountains were green now they are muddy and rockyand the road has become dangerous nowso now is the time to turn down the music and drive cautiouslyright now we have turned towards Astore, this the bridge which connects itwe have turned from KKH, the road which goes straight leads to Gilgit and Hunzaand we turned right (said it wrong ) towards Rama and Astoreso, from here it will take us about almost3 hours to get to our location.

In this hot weather and rocky region, you can’t see a thing in your eyes vision,but when you see, it will be these type of green heavenly piecesand by the way that river down there, is river Astorethis is Rama Meadows Astore district peoplegreen landsthere you go there is Nanga Parbat thereit is 8 hours drive, I think it is worth itto come hereyou have a big peak over therethen you have mountains all around with treesand then you have green meadowsall you getthis is the room of PTDC Moteland it is around about 6000rs (60$)the finish is quite nice along with the wooden and rocky work with a vintage type lookvery nicesecondly, it is cold.

If you can bring an electric heater that is fine, there are switches here you can plug them inones in that corner, ones hereto reach Rama lake the jeep will take you up till a certain pointand from there you will have to hike for 30 mins to reach the lakeRama is basically the back side of Nanga Parbat rangeand Fairy Meadows is the front sidelakes height is 12250 ftAnd look at this showoff, showing off his extraordinary jump.there is peace is the falling of this rainlife is very smallbut it is equally big to find something meaningfullooking at Rama lake I thought how Beautiful is GODmaybe there are still some long nights remainingmaybe there is still some warmth remaining in connection with God

Rama Meadows Gilgit Baltistan is found at the gap of thirteen kilometer from Rama Village in Astore district, Gilgit Baltistan. Rama Meadows could be a peaceful and clam place to get pleasure from the greenery within the Rama vale within the engaging colours structure of mountains. Highlighting stunning green meadows, putting flower blossoms and trees, a lake of pure placid waters, mountain views and a tranquil atmosphere, you’ll discover Rama Meadows to be an image of the best destination.

It is on the highest of the attractive Astore vale, with a light cover of oak trees and different greenery. there’s not abundant greenery because of illegal loging of the forest by locals and “timber mafia”. The region has low average rainfall and low vegetation cover therefore the loss of forest cover is of a really serious concern. From Rama Meadows, there’s a short jeep track to Rama Lake, that is one in every of the attractive lake in Pakistan.

it is usually coated with a large amount of snow for the larger a part of the year. It’s real attractiveness, and beauty is determined solely in summer or festival times. it’s possible for you to require a pleasurable hike to the east side of the Nanga Parbat (the Killer Mountain), that is one in every of the world’s ninth highest however most dangerous mountain to hike.

The distance from Astore is merely few kilometers, the journey can take concerning half-hour due to higher ridges. There ar many near stay places. The weather is generally cold right along the year. Mobile signals reception is week. the sole operating network was Zong that also was at limited places.

PTDC is one extremely instructed attractive resting place. within the event that you simply ar looking for associate exhilarating journey, you’ll accept outdoors camping. it’s a fine looking expertise at such AN revitalis and scenery spot. at nighttime, stunning twinkling stars create an unbelievable view. however camping and trekking you’ll additionally relish taking a gander at the exceptionally stunning landscapes. The locals at Rama Village ar friendly and dotty. you’ll see the grins on their lighthearted appearances.

Rama Meadows Gilgit Baltistan may be a good place to have some alone time and hook up with nature. Rama Meadows may be a place which will cause you to fall loving with itself. whether or not you’re a family looking to spend some quality time along, a loner seeking serenity and peace or a couple on a romantic retreat, the Rama Meadows Gilgit Baltistan may be a good destination. whereas designing your trip to northern areas of Rama Meadows is one spot that’s to not be missed. Praise nature whereas staring at a number of my shared memories from this trip to Rama Meadows.

If you actually need to expertise paradise during this world, you ought to visit Rama Meadows a minimum of once. This place can cause you to fall loving with it.


Kirthar National Park Sindh Karachi

There are two tourist centers in the Park managed by Sind Wildlife Management Board, namely Khar and Karchat. The centres offer cottage and dormitory accommodation and guides are available. There are some 671km of unmetalled roads within the park, most of which are negotiable only by four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Kirthar National Park Wildlife & Sindh Ibex:

In 1977, 1,480 wild goats and 430 urials were counted in the park and 2,141 chinkaras in the park and adjacent Surjan, Sumbak, Eri and Hothiano Game Reserve. There are now over 5,000 wild goats, about 1,250 urials and less than 150 chinkaras in the park, and a further 400 wild goat and 70 urials in the game reserve. A helicopter survey conducted in November 2000 yielded estimates of the total populations of the three large indigenous ungulates in the park. The Sindh ibex population was estimated at 13,155 ± 2460, and concentrated on the Khirthar Range Kirthar National Park, with lower concentrations on Khambu and Dumbar and small numbers elsewhere; higher elevations appear critical to this species.

The Sindh urial population was estimated at 10,425 ± 675 and concentrated on rocky sites with characteristic vegetation mainly near Khar and at Dumbar, with small numbers elsewhere. The chinkara population was estimated at 1060 ± 580 and concentrated in the lowlands, sharing much of its habitat with farming. The KNP populations of all three species are of conservation importance. In October 1984, 15 blackbucks from the USA were brought to Khar visitor centre for captive propagation. It is planned to introduce the species to the park.

Mammals Kirthar National Park:

Mammals in the park include Sindh leopard, Striped Hyena, Desert Wolf, Indian Fox, Sind Wildgoat, Blandford’s Urial, Honey Badger, Indian Pangolin, Caracal, Jungle cat, Jackal, Chinkara Gazelle, Black Buck, Hedgehog, Porcupine, Indian Grey Mongoose, Cairo Spiny mouse and the Rock Mouse.

Birds Kirthar National Park:

Birds in the park are the Lammegier vulture ( Winter migrant ), Bonelli’s eagle, Imperial eagle, Tawny eagle, Golden eagle, Eurasian griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, Cinereous vulture, Lagger Falcon, Red-headed Merlin, Kestrel, Close-Barred sandgrouse, Houbara bustard, Grey partridge, See See partridge, Stone Curlew, Indian sand grouse, Coronetted sand grouse, Painted sand grouse, Eagle-owl, Sind pied woodpecker, Hume’s chat, Brown rock pipit, Striped burning, Fincher larks, Hoopoe, Shrikes and Wheatears National Parks Pakistan.

The Rock python, Sind cobra, Russell’s viper, Saw-scaled viper, Sind krait, Royal rat snake, Tortoises, Desert Monitor lizard, Yellow Monitor lizard, Sind Crocodile (Possibly extinct) and different species of lizard and chameleon.


Astola Island Balochistan Pakistan

Astola Island Balochistan Pakistan. The earth seas and oceans are veritable treasure trove they are home to about 80 percent of the world’s biodiversity nearly half the world’s population lives along coastlines and this abundance of marine resources is vital not only to their livelihoods and well-being but also contributes significantly to the economies of many countries this is!0 of Pakistan as well in many of the country’s coastal towns and villages fishing is the sole source of employment and income generation and also a major food source however unsustainable resource use coupled with them pacts of urbanization and industrialization are increasingly threatening these resources studies have shown a decline in Pakistan’s Marine Fisheries production since 1999 despite an increase in the number of active fishing vessels.

One of the most effective means for protecting marine and coastal biodiversity is through the establishment and proper management of marine protected areas or MPAs these are created by delineating zones with permitted and non permitted uses within the NPA well-managed MPAs can help fish stocks and other marine resources recover from the adverse impacts of human activities one by g7 through the efforts of the National coordinating body of the mangroves for the future Pakistan program and following a resolution passed at the 2016 World Conservation.

Congress Astola Island Balochistan Pakistan has officially declared Pakistan’s first-ever marine protected area on 15 June 2070 a stola island locally called hostile are all the island of seven hills is the largest uninhabited offshore island located along the Balochistan coast the scenic spot has all the hallmarks of a tourist gateway sand beaches clear water and a remarkable variety of marine life nearly 25 species of coral are found in its surrounding waters along with the Arabian Sea.

humpback whale dolphins and a number of rare marine mammals and fish species a stole our sandy beaches provide nesting grounds for sea turtle particularly the endangered green turtle and the hawksbill turtle the island is also the only place in the world where the Estella saw-scaled vipers found apart from a stola Pakistan’s coastline boasts a number for the sites which are rich in biodiversity churna Island near the port city of Karachi is the most prominent and is visited by thousands of tourists every year NC be led efforts are now on the way to get the journey and to other sites coatl Bay and me Annie Hall declared MPAs marine protected areas can conserve and sustain important landscapes and seascapes steps now need to be taken to ensure that the Estella MPA is collaboratively and sustainably managed

Travel travel Travel & Trips

Murree Hill Station

Murree Hill Station Right now we’re going to Murree from Islamabad and to Nathia Gali from there. So let’s go and check out what’s happening. Let’s Go! Right now we have stopped. At Jhika Gali? We’ve stopped at Jhika Gali lets check out the view from here. This is “Kashmir Point” A scenic viewpoint in Murree. A few food stalls are here as well. It’s a really nice tourist spot. Pakoras! They are also preparing Chicken Karahi. People are sitting here enjoying the view. What are you making an omelette? Yes. They got soup too. Chicken White Qorma. Someone brought it with them. So you guys are cooking it? Yeah. That’s great! This is Biryani? Yes. Are you sure? I am great! Making French Fries here? Yes. Should we leave Waqas? Yes. Now we’re going towards Mall Road(Murree).

Behind me is the famous GPO Chowk Murree. The Mall Road of Murree starts from here. and there’s a really big market ahead with a lot of food stalls as well. So now we’ll move ahead and explore it. Let’s Go! Salam brother! What fish is this? It’s Rohu. This side goes straight to Mall Road but I have turned towards left. What’s this right here? That’s Chicken Biryani. Alright. And how are you? I am great. These are mixed vegetables?

Yeah they are. That’s Nice.Salam how are you? I am good.They got Chicken Roast here.They’re aslo making Chicken Karahi.And what do they have here?Lahore Shalimar Restaurant.Chickpeas.These are Chickpeas with Boiled Eggs. Mixed Vegetables.What are guys preparing here?Chicken Roast.Salam! How are you?From Gawal Mandi, Lahore.Palak Potato.Are you that guy from Karachi??Have you been to Hussainabad?YeahI’ve been to a lot of different places in Karachi.How long have you lived there?I’ve lived there for about 10 years.Nice.Come on have some tea with us.No no Thank you!

They are preparing Chapli Kebabs here.Here they’re making puri’s.Lachha Paratha’s. (Layered Paratha)Yeah you must be from Karachi right? Locals don’t know much about it.They don’t know about Lachha Paratha!?Locals don’t know the real name of it. And you’ll only find it here.No one in this area has it.Lachha Paratha’s and Doodh Pati Tea.Very nice. Thank you!

Now let’s go towards the main market.Salam how are you!Making Bun Kebabs.Do you have Kashmiri tea? Yes. For how much?Large will be PKR.100 and small will be PKR.60Ok so make 2 small cups for us.Alright.Right now I’ve added powder for Kashmiri Tea.Then we’ll pour milk into it.Will it have Pistachio and Almonds? Yes it will.Now I’m adding sugar.And after adding sugar…….I’m pouring milk into it.Now we’ll froth the milk. Kashmiri Tea is now ready.What’s this? That’s Chocolate Flavor that we add on top of it.Thank you so much!Our amazing Kashmiri Tea is now ready! Wow! This was Mall Road which we just saw and now we’re going towards Nathia Gali. What’s in the menu?Chicken/Mutton Karahi and Dal Mash?

Yes. We’re on the way to Nathia Gali, but its 3:30 right now and the sun will set at around 5:00PM so we stopped at this place called “Shinwari Dera” on our route. Nathia Gali has almost started. Muhammad Nafees is preparing Karahi here.They have their own spices.Let the oil warm up a bit.Then we’ll add some salt.After the oil gets hot we’ll add Chicken into it.Then we’ll prepare Coriander fro garnish. Some Ginger.Here they have Tomato and Ginger Garlic paste ready for the Karahi. They just added Ginger Garlic paste.And right now they’re mixing Tomato Paste as well.They added more saltNow they’ve added Ground Chilli and Cinnamon Powder.

He has now added some water and put it on steam.Karahi will be ready in 10 minutes.Was this Dal Mash already boiled? Yes it had been.Dal Mash was already boiled. They added some spices and now they’re frying it.So until our food gets ready we’ll go upstairs where we’ll have our food.

This location is really amazing……and our food is about to come as well. Freshly served Chicken Karahi is something of its own.Dal Mash and some Naans. Karahi is amazing! Especially the view just enhances the entire experience.Check out this Dal Mash!I thought that the Dal being boiled would be a bit crispy, but thats missing in it. Overall the taste is good. But Karahi is the winner.Tea has also arrived. Here you go.

The food was amazing. Thank you!Hope we’ll meet again soon. How much is this Raveri? (Sesame seeds w/ Sugar).Here you go! The sun is about to set right now……and the vibe is really nice here. Our plan was to reach Nathia Gali a little early today……but time went past and we couldn’t go. I hope you guys liked this travelogue.

Murree Hill Station is a popular hill station and a summer resort in Pakistan, Murree is especially for the residents of Islamabad. Murree is also visited as one of the most favourite destinations for Pakistani tourists in Sumer and during the snowfall of winter.

Murree is located along Islamabad-Kohala highway N75, some 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Islamabad.

The name Murree is derived from ‘marhi’, “high place” although there is a popular belief it was named after the virgin Mary during the British times

It is situated on the southern slopes of the Western Himalayan foothills as they ascend to the northeast towards Kashmir. During British Rule in the nineteenth century, its altitude was established at 7,000 feet (2,100 m), but its actual altitude has now been determined as 2,300 m (7,500 ft) above sea level.

Murree is accessible by road from the centre of the Islamabad and Rawalpindi areas. It is still associated with Britain; many British fruits (including cherries, raspberries and strawberries) thrive locally. There is a church, built-in 1857, located at the centre of the town, which is still used as a place of worship. Many houses around the church are still standing, functioning mostly as hotels. Old traditional restaurants have been replaced by fast-food shops and newer restaurants.

Murree has expanded since 1947 at a rate much greater than that which its infrastructure can sustain. Securing water and electricity has been a constant challenge. The jam-packed bazaar has caught fire a number of times in the last century, and the growth of tourism and a construction boom has had an adverse effect on the local environment.

Murree Hill Station Hotels :

  • Blue Pines Inn Murree
  • Greens Hotel Murree
  • Pearl Continental Burban Resort Murree

History of Murree Hill Station

Murree, the aftermath of a fire in 1875
A 19th-century post officeMurree was founded in 1851 by the Governor of Punjab, Sir Henry Lawrence, and was originally established for the British troops garrisoned on the Afghan frontier[4] as a sanatorium.

The permanent town of Murree was constructed at Sunnybank in 1853. The church was sanctified in May 1857, and the main road, Jinnah Road, formerly known as The Mall (and still commonly referred to as), was built. The most significant commercial establishments, the Post Office, general merchants with European goods, tailors and a millinery, were established opposite the church. Until 1947, access to Jinnah Road was restricted for “natives” (non-Europeans).

Until 1876, Murree was the summer headquarters of the Punjab local government; after 1876 the headquarters were moved to Simla.[5]

The railway connection with Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Province, made Murree a popular resort for Punjab officials, and the villas and other houses erected for the accommodation of English families gave it a European aspect. It was described in the Gazetteer of Rawalpindi District, 1893�94 as follows:

The sanatorium of Murree lied in north latitude 33� 54′ 30″ and east longitude 73� 26′ 30″, at an elevation of 7,517 feet (2,291 m) above sea level, and contained a standing population of 1,768 inhabitants, which was, however, enormously increased during the [May-November] season by the influx of visitors and their attendant servants and shopkeepers. It is the most accessible hill station in Punjab Murree Hill Station, being distant from Rawalpindi only a five hours’ journey by tonga dak. Magnificent views are to be obtained in the spring and autumn of the snow crowned mountains of Kashmir; and gorgeous sunset and cloud effects seen daily during the rains [July-August]. Part of the station, especially the Kashmir end, are also well wooded and pretty.[4] Murree also can boast of a world-class educational establishment: the *Lawrence School, Ghora Gali

In 1901 the population of the town was officially 1844, although if summer visitors had been included this could have been as high as 10,000.

Murree Hill Station

In the hot season it was the headquarters of the Lieutenant General of the Northern Command. The Commissioner of the Rawalpindi Division and the Deputy-Commissioner of Rawalpindi also resided here during part of the hot season, for which period an Assistant Commissioner was placed in charge of the subdivision consisting of Murree Tehsil. The site was selected in 1850 almost immediately after the annexation of the Province, and building operations commenced at once. In 1851 temporary accommodation was provided for a detachment of troops; and in 1853 permanent barracks were erected. The garrison generally consisted of three mountain batteries. In 1873, 1874, and 1875 Murree was the summer headquarters of the Punjab Government. It was connected with Rawalpindi town by a service of tongas.

The houses crown the summit and sides of an irregular ridge, commanding magnificent views over forest-clad hill-sides into deep valleys studded with villages and cultivated fields. The neighbouring hills were covered during the summer with encampments of British troops, while the station itself is filled with European visitors from the plains and travellers to Kashmir. A fine view of the snowy peaks of Kashmir is to be had on a clear day, and the crest of Nanga Parbat (26,182 feet (7,980 m)) can sometimes be seen. The municipality was created in 1850.

The income during the ten years ending 1902 3 averaged Rs. 49,500, and the expenditure Rs. 48,200. In 1903 4 the income and expenditure were Rs. 5r,400, chiefly from octroi, and Rs. 54,400 respectively. The income and expenditure of cantonment funds averaged Rs. 10,000 between 1893 and 1903. The chief educational institutions are the Lawrence Military Asylum for soldiers’ children, and the St. Denys’ and Convent English schools for girls. The station contains the Lady Roberts Home for invalid officers and a branch of the Alliance Bank of Simla. The Murree Brewery was the only industrial concern of any importance.

Murree Hill Station to Bhurban

Bhurban is celebrated as one of the only resort areas of the country where there is a 5-star hotel built by Pakistan Services Limited, the Pearl Continental Hotel. Bhurban is only 9 Kilometers from Murree and practically it can be called as an area of Murree.

Murre to Nathiagali & Nathiagali to Abbottabad (Tour Excursion

Nathiagali the famous resort area is only 45 minutes from Murree. The descent on the Nathia Gali -Abbottabad road leads to the city of Abbottabad right under the Murree hills. Abbottabad, a popular summer resort in the midst of spacious valleys, is surrounded by green hills and is a pretty large city and is located at a distance of 116 km from Rawalpindi and 217 km from Peshawar if you follow the MAIN road. It can get pretty hot in summers and pretty cold in winters but the temperature range stays bearable. It may feel hot in the sun but its cool in the shade. Surrounded by high hills, Abbottabad is named after its first British Commissioner Sir James Abbott. It still has a very British air. The Cantonment area of Abbottabad is still very British. The European bungalows, the club, the churches and the cemeteries are still there. Lots of greenery in Abbottabad, beautiful trees and nice gardens.

There is a main road which is the centre of activity (I think its called the Mall). The good hotels are SpringField, Sarban and others. Abbottabad is famous for its golf courses. Take a visit. Also see Shimla Hill View Point, Illayasi Mosque with a natural water spring and there is a pool nearby which I think carries crocodiles. The place has beautiful gardens like; Jinnah Garden, Ladies Garden etc maintained by the local Cantonment Board. The splendid stretch of turf promises plenty of room for polo, football, hockey and golf. At the back of the station towards the west is the Brigade Center, which is an ideal place ideal for walks and picnic. Nice place to stay If you’re coming from Lahore to visit the North.

Wildlife in Nathiagali

The Nathiagali region serves as home to all kinds of wildlife; various species of birds, insects, butterflies and animals. Unlike the crows of the southern cities of Pakistan, you will find ravens in areas like Nathiagali. Visitors are advised to sun their bedding on arrival to get rid of bed-bugs, and to keep repellants and pesticides for insects as these have a tendency to show up a lot, especially in old homes, and in the monsoon season Murree Hill Station.

Horses are a common sight during summer months and are offered to children and adults alike for rides at rates that are often negotiable. Monkeys are aplenty, previously known to be a little shy, they have reportedly become more aggressive in recent years, some say this due to increased abuse suffered at the hands of tourists, who often tease these monkeys or try to steal them. Monkeys often come up to guesthouses and hotels in search of snacks and can be quite noisy and playful.


Nathia Gali Beach Karachi

Nathia Gali Beach Karachi Pakistan one of the best beach in Pakistan. There are various alluring sea shores in the Karachi city or outside Karachi fundamental city. The well known sea shores names are Hawke’s inlet, Sands Pit, Cape Mound, Sumyani, French Beach, Gadani, Turtle sea shores, Paradise Point and Nathiagali sea shore. These sea shores are viewed as best for swimming or going through night in leased manor which is accessible there yet advance booking is better before showed up. The Sea-see is additionally a sea shore yet in the principle Karachi city where generally little fellows and young ladies meet in daytime especially. In the hour of night, you’ll for the most part discover families and in the hour of 12 PM for the most part are young men.

It is currently an ideal opportunity to hit these shocking sea shores, why not have pleasant Eid parties at the Nathiagali sea shore this time? That will be a finished new encounter and consider the tremendous measure of fun you will have. Who doesn’t adore the Nathiagali sea shore? Nathia Gali Beach Karachi Pakistan. We as a whole are dependent on the innumerable waves and the delicate grainy sand. All things considered, the city of lights for example Karachi is home to some stunning, sensational sea shores.

Nathia Gali Beach Karachi Pakistan is a maritime base, the keep going point on the coastline of Karachi. Access to this sea shore is RESTRICTED. One can possibly go in the event that you’ve senior positioned association in the military, and joined by your host. Your host should make a booking ahead of time through their unit. On the off chance that you don’t have this host, you’ll not be allowed to enter the base. Numerous travelers and neighborhood guests had visited this base alongside our companion in the Navy.

It is a very drop-dead restrictive sea shore, immaculate, and clean. On one side is the Cape, the other the sea. Somewhat off in an unexpected direction one can likewise visit the Cape Monze beacon. En route, you can see some exceptionally authentic graves of Arabs officers who resulted in these present circumstances place a huge number of years prior. The feature of this sea shore is a BBQ sorted out late in the hour of night, and getting a charge out of the green phosphorus light up the dull and waves smashing on the shoreline.;


Mahodand Lake Kalam Valley


Mahodand Lake Kalam Valley, Swat and went through some beautiful landscapes in this valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. We also met some local people on the way. As the road to Mahodand Jheel Lake offers so many beautiful views, we would stop every now and then. Therefore, it took us 6 hours to arrive at Mahodand Lake. We stayed at Mahodand for overnight camp and the next day we rode the boat to enjoy some spectacular views. This place in Kalam Valley, Swat, KPK, Pakistan is a must visit for the lovers of nature.

Mahodand Lake Kalam Valley

There is no hotel or proper building near Mahodand, but local residents of Swat valley have installed tents to serve tourists. Visitors can also enjoy boat and horse rides at Mahodand lake.

Mahodand Lake (Urdu: مہوڈنڈ جھیل‎; Pashto: د ماهو ډنډ‎ – “Lake of Fishes”) is a lake located in the upper Usho Valley at a distance of about 35 kilometres from Kalam in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The lake is accessible by a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is often utilized for fishing and boating.

The Mahodand Lake lies at the foothills of Hindu kush mountains at an elevation of 2,865 m (9,400 ft), surrounded by the meadows, mountains and dense forests. Similarly, the banks of Mahodand lake are covered by pines and pastures that serve as a camping site during the summer. The Mahodand lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush mountain and gives rise to Ushu Khwar, the major left tributary of the Swat River.

During the winter, the Mahodand lake freezes and is covered by heavy snow. In the summers, the basin of the lake is surrounded by a sheet of alpine flowers like geum, blue poppy, potentilla and gentian. Apart from it, the lake is encircled by diverse pinus species which serves as abode for wild birds. Similarly, the lake contains abounding trout fishes, which furnish ideal opportunity for angling, but catching is allowed only to the licensed anglers.

The waters of Mahodand lake are divided into a series of small and large streams.

Known for its freezing water and abundance of trout fish, Mahodand lake is located in the Ushu Matiltan valley around 40 kilometres above Kalam.

Mahodand Lake Kalam Valley is a lake located in the upper Usho Valley at a distance of about 40 km from Kalam, Swat Valley. Mahodand is a high mountain lake at an elevation of 2.865m (9,400ft) above the sea level, located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The lake, also known as Mahudand, lies at the foothills of the Hindu kush mountains.

The road to the lakes in Pakistan is gravel. It’s tricky and bumpy. It’s called Saifullah Lake Road. It’s 24.0 km long from Matiltan. Drive with care as this is a mountain road with hairpin curves and dangerous dropoffs. It’s pretty narrow. The lake is only accessible during the summer season but access during winter is limited. It’s covered by heavy snow. High risk of avalanches. Expect snow even in summer.

Mahodand Lake literally means the Lake of Fishes. It is accessible by a four-wheel-drive vehicle and is often utilized for fishing and boating.



Gorakh Hill Station Beautiful Place in Sindh



Gorakh Hill Station Beautiful Place in Sindh. Gorakh Hill station is a beautiful Hill station with an elevation of over 5000 ft, located 94 Km southwest from Dadu. Gorakh Hill station which lies in Kirthar mountain range which lies in one of the highest plateaus of Sindh. Is a place where you will love to spend your weekend. Traveling through some well-known places of Sindh such as Hyderabad, Jamshoro, and Shewan city we will move towards our ultimate destination which is Known as Murree of Sindh. This is the place where you can taste real winters in Sindh with the temperature range of 16-32 on average, while in winter it is -5 to +5. Highest ever recorded in summer was 34-36 while lowest ever recorded was -10 to-1

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