Types of people in your office

The Boss:
This person has authority over everything, even your bathroom breaks. He/she makes you work your butt off and barely gives you credit for it. Some bosses make you work so much that they end up making your dead ancestors dizzy. There’re many kinds of bosses. Some inspire while some make life miserable for their employees. Either you look up to your boss or you absolutely hate your boss; you’re in trouble if you dare to go against him/her.

The BossThe deputy:
This person acts like he’s in charge while the boss is away. He tries to impose office rules everywhere, even in the bathroom. His job is to add to everyone’s worries and to spy on all his colleagues.
The gossip machine:
This colleague of yours has nothing better than to collect gossip all day and then spread it to the far ends of the world. Seems to be ‘the deputy’s’ favourite person.
gossip machineThe hungry one:
This person is always hungry. Only talk about food, all the time. I am sure this one even dreams of food.
hungry oneThe blue-eyed boy:
This one is the boss’ favourite. The boss loves this one no matter what. This one is a perfect example of a perfect employee. Punctual, determined and self-motivated.
The blue-eyed boyThe talkative one:
This employee of yours never shuts up, ever. You’re always hearing boring stories of their life.


Body shaming- a torment

God has made us perfect the way we are, with all our imperfections. We come in all shapes, sizes and colours. We’re beautiful this way, diversity is our beauty. He made some of us taller than the rest and made some of us shorter than the rest. Some people, He made, wider. Some, He made, thinner. Everyone cannot have the same height, width and colour.

We don’t choose how our bodies should have been made. We only choose what to do with this gift of God. He loves us all equally. Then why can’t we accept others the way God has made them. Why must we try to mold everyone to this perception of beauty that has been ingrained in our minds by people who own the fashion industry, people we don’t know even exist. Who gave them the authority to decide what we should consider beautiful and what we should deem ugly.

You pick up any magazine, watch any TV show, all you get to see is people being targeted for their appearance. We are fed a bunch of disgusting lies. That’s beyond shallow. We are being brainwashed into judging people by the way they dress and the way they look. We overlook every other aspect of a person’s personality if he doesn’t fit our delusional beauty standards. We claim him to be undesirable and unworthy of any respect and acknowledgement. Only those are revered who come up to our beauty standards. This is outrageous.
Nobody gave us a license to judge others or a license to force people to change their bodies to our liking. We don’t own anybody. Their bodies are their own. Don’t let magazines and TV define beauty for you. Ever wonder what body shaming victims go through? It may seem harmful to you but ask victims. They’ll tell you how your brutal words shatter their confidence, how they can’t seem to look at themselves in the mirror. There are so many effects of body shaming, one can’t even imagine. Victims suffer with social anxiety, higher amounts of infections, poorer health, crushed self esteem and eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia.

This is what a few victims had to say when they were asked about their body shaming experiences.
”My in-laws body shame me all the time, their words shatter my confidence and make me feel ugly and unworthy.” – Sadia
“I was body shamed as a child. I was called fat. I suffered Bulimia first and then Anorexia because of this. I was a fat child and an extremely skinny 23 year old. I finally overcame these disorders. I am happy with my weight and the way I look.”- Hina
“My friends always make fun of my body. It’s not proportionate according to them. I have no self-confidence. I hate my body. I just want to wear baggy clothes and hide myself that nobody ever gets to see me. It’s not in my hands to fix my body.” – Anum

According to Mehwish Siddiqui, an art student, “People in our society claim to go ‘see’ a potential marriage proposal rather than ‘meet’ a potential marriage proposal.” We must change the way we think, even help change the way our elders think because nobody has the right to body shame another. Remember it’s not love or concern, it’s bullying.



The perfect recipe to injure:

Scroll through Twitter, share a few thoughts, retweet a couple of people, go to Instagram. Scroll through Instagram and double tap a couple of pictures, like them, follow strangers, DM celebs, look at the “Explore” page, and then go to Facebook. Scroll through Facebook, share funny posts, creep on your high school crush, and then back to Twitter. Don’t forget to throw in a little of Snapchat to the mix and you have the continuous daily routine of most teens and young adults.

Don’t get me wrong- Social media is amazing no doubt about it.

It is one of the best ways to share ideas, opinions, routine practices and personal stories. Also, it is a resourceful tool for marketing and targeting specific people for little to no cost. But, no matter how flabbergasted the above mentioned things may seem, social media is also one of the aspect that is causing damage to our generation.


Technology itself has nearly ruined the ability for many people to do simple things such as make eye contact or carry on a conversation in person. Social media has contributed to that as well, plus it has also gone a step further and made us forget how we feel about certain things when we experience them in reality.

Now, my only question is, “Are we really enjoying our lives? Or are we trying to portray it to people that we are enjoying it?”


People proudly brag about their high number of retweets or likes on Facebook or Twitter, while all of this success is due to the fact that they have failed a class or that they were really drunk the other night.

You feel a sense of accomplishment because people either agree with what you say or find you hilarious, but do you find accomplishment about the actual situation you Tweeted?

So I advice you, whenever you choose to post something on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, try to think before sharing what you are about to share. Is your intention to receive likes and retweets? Or are you actually enjoying something so much that you want your experience to be shared with others? The next time you Snapchat an entire concert, ask yourself, is this to document memories I can later look back on or is this a way of boasting about what I’m doing?

It’s okay to feel a little jealous of a friend when you see them having a blast on their Snapchat story while you’re occupied in a boring activity, but just remember that these memories are for you and you only, there is no need to constantly document them.

Technological advancements are going to continue and new social media platforms will continually be created, it is up to us to remember to enjoy our lives for what they are instead of creating lives for others to enjoy and envy online. Live your life to your standards, not to everyone else’s.


10 types of University Students!

When there is a university for all, we actually do get ALL and every type!

People from all over the country are admitted in Universities, education is a necessity of life. A place where everyone is accepted and appreciated to achieve something they couldn’t have on their own, a higher level education platform, which is the place where all sorts of people are found, if you look in the right places:

  1. The Parhakoos:

The Parhaakoos are the rarest breeds, they are seen with notes and books in hand, and weird faces with sharp noticing eyes, always looking for extra stuff to lay there filthy parhaakoo paws on, first to enter classes last to leave.

  • Hangout Spots: Library
  • How to locate them: people in stealth mode, and hurried walks with a focused face and noticing eyes.
  • How to avoid them: If you are targeted, start laughing loudly, start swearing or simply start saying “ abhe bhot time papers mai kon parhay”
  • Frequent sightings: Following teachers
  1. The Professionals:

Strictly follows the dress code, to the point talks, doesn’t stay in university, always have work to do with earphones on and frequent calls even between classes.

  • Hangout Spots: Only at Khokas between breaks.
  • How to locate them: People talking strictly on phones and not caring who passes by.
  • How to avoid them: They avoid you so don’t bother.
  • Frequent sightings: Khokas and Parking Areas


  1. The Wanna bees:

They are observing and carrying it out immediately kinda people, they care about everything and anything that inspires them (which is usually everything), everything is image and image is everything to them, they hang out in groups of odd people, odd as in odd numbers (but I like the way your mind works).

  • Hangout Spots: The center table where all attention exist in every café.
  • How to locate them: Group of people who notices everyone.
  • How to avoid them: One has to get rude.
  • Frequent sightings: Everywhere (Trust me)
  1. The Couples:

Love birds walking as close as the traffic of Karachi at 6:00pm, they sit together, move together, blend in classes together, eat, walk, laugh, smile, wink, sneeze, cough and what not, they are the walking definition of the word “Together”.

  • Hangout Spots: Corners
  • How to locate them: Opposite gender sitting as close as Karachi’s traffic.
  • How to avoid them: Avoid the corners and you will avoid them.
  • Frequent sightings: Corners
  1. The loners:

Poorest souls, lurk in the shadows like vampires, never steps out in the light, avoids teachers and does everything in their power to NOT give a presentation, teachers see them and try to motivate them but fail.

Hangout Spots: No one knows.

How to locate them: Catch them in classes, as they disappear in a whiff of smoke after class.

How to avoid them: Never avoid them as you might be their only friend.

Frequent sightings: Only in classes.

  1. The Stags

Group of care free boys, roaming around in a gang like manor, swearing like there’s no hereafter and literally LOLing like there ain’t no tomorrow.

  • Hangout Spots: Khoka or benches in peak rush hours.
  • How to locate them: Hear closely for loud voices and laughter’s.
  • How to avoid them: One just simply can’t avoid stags.
  • Frequent sightings: Dhabay and khokay.
  1. The cools:

Group of multi gender mostly, sophisticated and well mannered, front benchers, pompously and frequently ask questions, good kids from teachers point of view, expensive and classy in choosing, as everything offered on campus is beneath them until they are dying for it and there is no other quick way to get it done.

  • Hangout Spots: The most expensive café on campus.
  • How to locate them: Mix gender group speaking English as their 1st
  • How to avoid them: become a “Maila”(see point No. 10 for assistance)
  • Frequent sightings: 1st benches in class, and expensive restaurants check-ins on Facebook.
  1. The Sisters:

Two types of The Sisters exist in every university;

1.The Badmash Company(Female version): sisters in arms, unbreakable and non penetrating group of Badmash Girls, carefree and independent, not even the stags and mailas can stand up to them.

2.The Calm Company: highly careful and sophisticated group of girls, good students and their life’s aim is to gossip and only gossip, no boys allowed within a 10 meter radius.

  • Hangout Spots: Wherever they want.
  • How to locate them: Group of strictly Females, with a few losers guys following.
  • How to avoid them: Men MUST avoid them at all costs, the way has not yet been figured out but as experience teaches us we must not linger near them.
  • Frequent sightings: In the grounds roaming or running from one place to another.
  1. The All rounder’s:

All rounder’s, are the best people in any university, they blend in with everyone and everywhere, wherever they go the meet and greet people on their way, as they know everyone everywhere. They are the people who are the nicest breed of humans.

  • Hangout Spots: Where ever they stand for 5 minutes that becomes their spot.
  • How to locate them: Just be in need and wish for help, you’ll see an all rounder walking towards you.
  • How to avoid them: Whatever might be the reason “NEVER” avoid an all rounder, as that will be the last time you’ll ever see them.
  • Frequent sightings: Difficult to see as they blend in pretty well with the crowd.
  1. The Mailaas:

Even after songs released on them they just can’t get enough of the university, they are the black spot on a white wall, a punctured tire on a Mercedes, an anday vala burger served with timaatar, a pizza without cheese, a coke without gas, a lassi without malai etc. Their life overflows with color, they flaunt florescent colors as if these were invented for them. Lame jokes, highly vulgar comments, questions that doesn’t make any sense, makes teachers go crazy,
they are like grease, once you touch it, it doesn’t comes off easily.

  • Hangout Spots: They are like air, sadly they are everywhere.
  • How to locate them: WHY! Why in the world would anyone even think of locating them?
  • How to avoid them: If you see them approaching, run like hell, DO NOT look back!
  • Frequent sightings: In the purest form of their language if asked “Kahan ho” and I quote “ MANDI mai ”; for those who don’t know mandi can exist anywhere, where ever there are a whole lot of girls in the vicinity, you’ll see them glaring and smirking.

The reason of writing all this was just to describe a normal everyday university life, which we go through but don’t usually talk about.



Top 5 Jal songs

JAL the band which was formed in 2002 by Gohar Mumtaz and Atif Aslam has given us a lot of songs that we can’t just forget. Atif Aslam, left JAL right after aadat had released and there were a lot of stories but Gohar took the band forward and made Farhan Saeed as the lead vocalist of the band and Aamir Shazi as the bass guitarist. However, Farhan Saeed also left the band in 2011 to pursue a solo career. Gohar then took the charge to become the lead guitarist of the band. In 2013, JAL released the third album Pyaas but due to the security issues there were no concerts happening and in the year 2013, Shazi also left the band. Gohar Mumtaz has still been trying to release music.

Here are the top 5 songs of JAL:

1. Aadat:

The song that changed Atif Aslam and Gohar Mumtaz’s life was released in 2003. Aadat is that one song which not only became the biggest hit of the decade but also was the biggest controversy of the decade.

2. Woh Lamhay:
Woh lamhay is a song which was featured in both JAL’s and Atif Aslam’s first album and was also featured in an Indian movie. JAL’s version is really different from the one that Atif Aslam released. It’s our second favorite song by JAL.

3. Sajni:
Sajni is a beautiful song written by Gohar Mumtaz and Farhan did an amazing job with his vocals. The song released in December, 2007 and it conveyed the message to everyone that JAL is here to stay.

4. Ik Arzu:
JAL was featured in the 4th season of Coke Studio in which they performed Ik Aarzu. The song itself was one of the most viewed song of the season.

5. Teray Baajo:
Teray baajo is a song which was released in 2015. This song was sung by Gohar Mumtaz and it quite evident that he had worked really hard on his vocals. The video was shot in Karachi by Azan Sami.

Which one of these songs are your favorite or is there any other song that you like from JAL the band?


What’s my fault? Only that I am a ‘Muslim’!

They assaulted me because I am a Pakistani, Muslim and Asian; says racist acid attack victim. British Pakistani businessman Imran Khan believes that he suffered poison attack by the white supremacist gang because he is Pakistani, Muslim and Asian.

Speaking to a news channel, Imran said that the attack was a result of the rise of far right politics in the west, which is poising the minds of white community, by targeting Muslims and immigrants through their extreme racist language.

“It is nothing short of miracle that I am still alive because the gang tried their level best to kill me,”

Imran, who works in a Pizza shop in the Barking and Dagenham area of London, said that he was attacked twice.

“It is nothing but hate crime,” he added.

He said that the local police have not taken his case seriously, further adding that his take away restaurant was attacked many times, which he has reported to the Police authorities, by giving them CCTV footages, however appropriate measures were not taken by them.

“Even the local hospital didn’t treat me well, they didn’t even flush out poison from my eyes,” he lamented.


Watch of the day: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona was born in 1963, it is also amusing to note that at the time this legendary chronograph was equipped with the same movement as the Heuer Carrera : in fact, Rolex and Heuer were supplied by Valjoux with the Valjoux caliber. 23 for watches with two counters and the Valjoux 72 caliber for watches with three counters.
The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman is by no means an official Rolex name, although this term is used to describe these references at auctions.
The actor popularized the 6239 model by wearing it during the movieWinning ( Turns in French) which was held at the famous racing the Indianapolis 500 . The 6239 model is characterized by its black dial known as “Exotic”. To see in detail the characteristics of these exotic dials, I invite you to consult this article from La Côte des Montres.
The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is still a legendary watch today. To convince yourself, you can admire this review on Forum à Montres.
The photos below are from Antiquorum .
Do you like to?
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman ref 6238 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman ref 6239 Black Dial Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman ref 6239 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman ref 6241 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman ref 6241 Gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman ref 6262 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman ref 6265 Or Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman ref 6265
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref 6238 Watch

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref 6239 Black Dial Watch
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref 6239 WatchRolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref 6241 Watch White Dial
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref 6241 Gold Watch

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref 6265 Gold Watch
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Ref 6265 Watch

The four different types of Pakistani pappi’s

Every person goes through the pappi effect once in their life. Here are the top 4 pappi’s that we love:

  1. Khala ki pappi:

Pakistan is a country where families are very close to each other and whenever you go to your khala’s (Aunt) place, you get a pappi and sometimes it’s the thook waali pappi. No matter what happens, we love our khala’s.

  1. Eid pe milnay waalo se pappi:

Eid is an occasion where people meet and greet with hugs but sometimes you get a pappi as well which embarrasses us the most. We’ve all been through that but then again it’s eid.

  1. Altaf bhai ki pappi:

Last month, Altaf bhai gave pappi’s to everyone through his video. It was one legendary video. Everyone had been talking about “Aik pappi idhar, aik pappi idhar”. Last night, another video went viral in which Altaf bhai was giving pappi’s to bachiya.

Here’s the video of the legendary pappi:

  1. Waqar Zaka ki papi:

A few years ago, Waqar Zaka gave a pappi to a snake. It was an extremely scary scene but he had kissed the snake with a lot of confidence and called it “The kiss of death”.

Which of the pappi’s is your favorite? If there’s any other pappi that we have missed, then you can let us know.