5 Drama Series To Look Out For – Historical Romance

We all need a little romance in our lives. At least from time to time. Even if it’s one sided. basically us loving our favorite character who seems to be prancing around half naked with a sword in hand or maybe just shirtless. Wearing an immaculate suit hugging him at all the right places. We can’t help but gush over the long wavy hair as the wind kisses their face. *ahem* lets not get carried away.

Can you blame me? 

There’s a part in every girl who secretly wishes to be a part of that era where balls and gowns envelope her and the damsel in distress waits or fights to get the prince she deserves. And because we live in a world we only need a television show to make us become a part of it. Since we are lucky enough to be blessed by such amazing writers. Book adaptions have been a trend for quite some time. Some of our favorite books have been turned into our now favorite tv-series. Here are a few shows that will make you feel like you’re living a life filled with gowns and dances and crowns and a loving Prince or a Duke.

1. Outlander

It’s a British-American television drama based on the books by Diana Gabaldon. A woman is transported back to Scotland in 1743. She encounters a Highland Warrior who looks like a greek god. We can’t help but stare at his abs. She’s then tangled in the politics of the Jacobite Risings. Your legs turn to jelly every time the lead male actor greets the screen but that’s not all you have to look forward to. You see the highs and lows of a love triangle and an enchanting journey to find each other again and again.

 2. Poldark

Does it have another love triangle? Why yes. But there’s more to it. Based on the book series by Winston Graham. The book is set in the 18th Century. It’s about a soldier only to find the love of his life had thought him dead and is now engaged to someone else. He then decides to take matters of his life seriously and tries to restore it. The series is action packed and its of love triangles. Love, betrayal, duels. It’s surely going to make your toes curl.

3. North and South

This is a British television drama. It only consists of four episodes. It is based on a Victorian novel, by Elizabeth Gaskel’s situated in 1855. A young woman from South moves to North with her family and they struggle to fit in. Living amongst proud and rich families they try to find their place. There’s a handsome man from the upper class and her unavoidable attraction towards him can only get her into trouble. Is it just me or does this remind you of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

4. The Buccaneers

Old is gold. The Buccaneers is a 1956 drama series about four young American girls moving to England for a better chance at marriage. Its is based on the novel by Edith Wharton. It was unfinished at the time of her death. It was later finished for the mini series. Consisting of only five episodes it has enough drama, romance and betrayal to last you a lifetime. One thing: the gowns are to die for. The men aren’t that bad either.

5. Mr. Selfridge

 You know that MASSIVE department store at Oxford street called Selfridges? Yup. That’s what it’s about based on the adaptation of Lindy Woodhead’s biography Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge. Well the owner and his scandalous life play a huge part in it. A little insight in the American family who changed the way one shops. And yes it’s filled with beautiful gowns and head pieces to make you cry.

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The Best Waffle Houses in Karachi That Are A Must Try

Waffles are one of the best desserts to eat, whether you eat it for breakfast or as an evening snack over coffee with your friends. Waffles are fluffy, soft, and crunchy and you can pair them up with anything and everything. My personal favorite is Waffles with extra Nutella and strawberry toppings! There are so many waffle houses that are now opening up in Karachi.

Every day there is a new food trend. It started off a few years ago, when there was a huge pizza trend, and so many pizza places were opening up. Then after that there was a huge burger chain trend. Now you see all these small and juicy burger places that have opened up on each corner of Karachi. Then there was the most hyped about trend, which is still currently a trend, the Nutella paratha and chai trend. Now you see a whole line of these small chai dhaabas that serve you delicious stuffed parathas.

Now finally, a new concept has come about. The new trend is these waffle carts which have been opening up everywhere, and I have to say, the competition is tough. Of course, restaurants and cafes were already serving their waffles in their dessert and breakfast menus, but this new waffle cart trend is THE THING! Here are some of the best waffle houses that are a must try in Karachi.

1.Waffle Cart

2.Bond Street Waffles

3.Fam’s Patisserie


5.The Waffle Witch


7.Bella Vita

Have you tried these waffles yet?

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Hill Stations – Explore Best Places in Pakistan

Most Beautiful Hill Stations Places

Murree Hill Station


Murree Hill Station Right now we’re going to Murree from Islamabad and to Nathia Gali from there. So let’s go and check out what’s h

Punjab Best Place In Pakistan 221

Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad

Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad


Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad, is located in the foothills of the Himalayan range. The topography is rugged, with numerous valleys and many s

Islamabad Best Place In Pakistan 359

Gorakh Hill Station Beautiful Place in Sindh

Gorakh Hill Station is a Beautiful Place in Sindh


Gorakh Hill Station Beautiful Place in Sindh. Gorakh Hill station is a beautiful Hill station with an elevation of over 5000 ft, located 94 km southwest

Sindh Best Place In Pakistan 510

About Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country in South Asia. It is the world’s fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 212.2 million. It is the 33rd-largest country by area, spanning 881,913 square kilometers (340,509 square miles). Pakistan has a 1,046-kilometre (650-mile) coastline along the Arabian Sea.

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A molecule in the body could be the cause of multiple sclerosis

Researchers trying to understand the cause of the destructive activity of the immune system in people with multiple sclerosis may have discovered the molecule triggering the attack on the nervous system.

Autoimmune diseases are today a real source of concern in Western countries. They are now considered the third leading cause of death, after cancer and cardiovascular diseases, although they have by far not the reputation of the latter. Indeed, many people have never heard of this term.

Autoimmune diseases are caused by a reversal of the defences against the very organism that they are supposed to protect.

During an infection, the immune cells recognize antigens, molecules – often proteins – which come specifically from the infectious agent. This makes it possible to activate, in the place of invasion, the various mechanisms which will “stimulate” the body’s defences in order to eradicate the intruding microorganisms.

In autoimmune diseases, the immune system would confuse molecules produced by its own organism with antigens, leading the latter to destroy the parts of the body or organs where they are located. These molecules, mistakenly considered as threats, are called “autoantigens”.

In the case of multiple sclerosis (MS), the part attacked in the body is myelin, a kind of envelope protecting the nerves, and also allowing them to propagate nerve messages more quickly. When this sheath is damaged, serious neurological consequences ensue: loss of sight, sensitivity, muscle tone … and these often lead to paralysis.

Specialists have obviously suspected that autoantigens must be located on myelin. After many years of research, no culprit has been identified so far, but immunologists at the University Hospital of Zurich published this week the discovery of a suspicious molecule.

The group worked on T lymphocytes, a type of immune cell that reacts to contact with fragments of antigens of bacterial or viral origin (epitopes), but which is also involved in multiple sclerosis. They obtained these cells from MS patients and incorporated them into mixtures of more than 200 protein fragments, each with more than 200 billion varieties.

They found that two of the fragments strongly reacted the T lymphocytes and that they were constituents of the same protein, guanosine diphosphate-L-fucose synthase (GD-L-FS), an enzyme involved in the metabolism of certain sugars, in memory, but also in the determination of the blood group.

Of the 31 volunteers with the disease (or showing early symptoms), 12 of them saw their lymphocytes react to the enzyme.

The researchers then tested whether the bacterial version of the enzyme also caused a reaction on the immune cells of 8 patients. The T lymphocytes of four of them reacted to the presence of this enzyme, thus giving more credibility to a research carried out last year, which suspected that certain bacteria of the intestinal flora could trigger the disease.

However, immunologist Ashutosh Mangalam of the University of Iowa warns that the latter result should be taken with tweezers. ”  Some of the bacteria that produce the enzyme are less abundant in MS patients than in healthy people,  ” he says.

Reinhard Hohlfeld, of Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, considers the discovery of the likely involvement of GD-L-FS as the first step in an interesting new direction. Although this enzyme is widespread in the brain, ”  it never was a candidate,  ” he says.

Zurich researchers predict that if future research clearly confirms GD-L-FS as an autoantigen, one of the possible clinical applications would be the same as for allergies, i.e. injections of the molecule so that the immune system reacts less and less. They even plan to test this strategy on patients from next year.

Source: Science Translational Medicine

Why the Power Breakdown? Knowing the answer of the Minister of Energy, Pakistanis will hold their heads and triggers ‘night mode’ memes online

Energy Minister Omar Ayub has said that a fault occurred in Guddu power plant at 11:41 last night, the frequency dropped in one second after which the safety system of the power plant started shutting down. ۔ He said the fault of last night’s breakdown was not yet known as there was a lot of fog in the area around Gadwa, nothing was visible and no fault in the 500 VK line was visible in the fog. If not, when the fog subsides, investigations will be carried out to find out where the fault came from.

Addressing a press conference on last night’s breakdown in the country, Minister for Power E. Omar Ayub said that it is just like the fuses in your house if there is overloading, the fuse blows or the breaker falls. This was the same system, 10,302 megawatts were running in the whole country which suddenly went out. We started Tarbela twice and it sank, it started supplying electricity from the north, electricity has come to the areas around Lahore, electricity has come to half the city of Faisalabad while other grids were starting. The power system had already started in Multan, the supply of 400 MW has been started in Karachi, the entire system will be online in a few more hours.

He said the fault of last night’s breakdown was not yet known as there was a lot of fog in the area around Guddu, nothing was visible and no fault in the 500kV line was visible in the fog. Giving, when the fog subsides will be investigated where the fault came from.

He said that when our government came, no significant work was done on transmission. We have spent Rs. 49 billion on transmission. No-fault has come to light even in Guddu power plant. Omar Ayub said that from Matiari The Lahore line will soon be operational, which is being completed at a cost of 1. 1.6 billion. Such incidents happen in other countries of the world as well. Since 2013, there have been 8 such incidents. Trying to improve and investing.

Here are some memes on Pakistan power blackout

Pakistanis on blackout

7 Things that Happen when you Travel in an International Airline

It is a great feeling when you’re traveling in an international airlines. There are only a handful of international airlines that come to Pakistan. It is a very interesting flight as you can see how Pakistani’s react in front of air hostesses and other crew members. Here’s what happens during the flight:

  • Sitting on someone else’s seat
  • Communication issues
  • Seatbelt nahin lagani
  • Wifi ka password milayga?
  • Khaana waapis milayga?
  • Standing right after the first wheel touches the ground while landing and getting zaleelofied goro se
  • Bathroom jaana landing and takeoff se pehle

Has this ever happened to you? Comment below to let us know.