6 Types of PTI and Imran Khan Fans

In Pakistan, everyone talks about politics whether you’re an adult or a child, our favourite topic to discuss is the politics of Pakistan.

There are 3 main political parties in Pakistan right now. PML (N), PPP and PTI but PTI is that one party with which everyone has high hopes.

Here are the different types of PTI fans and what they say about PTI and Imran Khan:

  • Imran Khan will bring change.
  • Imran Khan has opened up Shaukat Khanum Hospital.
  • Imran Khan has won the cricket world cup for Pakistan.
  • He has the vision.
  • Jalsay main awaam dekhi hai?
  • I voted for PTI because Imran Khan is so good looking.

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Missed a flight? Learn how to kill time at the airport from Momina Mustehsan

Momina Mustehsan who shot to fame after the 9th season of Coke studio is seen to be very active on her Instagram. From uploading selfie’s to family trip pictures to rehearsal snaps everything is on her Instagram account and is very active. It was in fact her Instagram which first broke the news of her engagement in September last year.

A couple of hours ago Momina uploaded a video of herself on her Instagram account showing how she decided to kill time after missing her 7 pm flight to Lahore. The video is supposedly a desi version of a video made by a couple of students on a moving walkway to pass their time after their flight got delayed. The video has over 39,900 views in just 2 hours. 

Check out the video below and we must say Momina no doubt looks adorable in the video.


10 Relationship Advice from a Married Woman!

As people say, ““shaadi woh laddoo jo na khaaye woh pachtaye, jo khaaye woh bhi pachtaaye” now it’s on you how you want to pachtaofay in this mithai ki dukaan and which specific laddu you want to have in life.  Just to make it a little easier for the ones who recently have eaten that laddoo (it can be till ka lado, moti chooor ka laddo, besun k laddu etc)

Here are the 10 tips or advises:

  1. Don’t get married!
  2. If you do, then don’t lose yourself in the marriage. Understand yourself, your self-importance, goals and achievements. You got married doesn’t mean you mentally devote yourself to each other, emotionally yes! Mentally a big no.
  3. Don’t follow the advice of others on how you should live your married life. You are in the marriage with only one other person (hopefully) take his advice not others, mutually discuss how to make things better in your marriage.
  4. Compromise is a two-way game.
  5. Respect his space and make him respect yours. Leave him alone to watch his favourite game and allow yourself to have your own me-time. In simple words; don’t be a chipku wife!
  6. Don’t depend on your husband completely for finance. Yes, no doubt it’s his obligation to financially support you but give that poor man a break! Feel the satisfaction of earning and spending your own money without being answerable to him on why you brought another lawn ka suit when you already have closest full of them.
  7. Never bad-mouth about your husband and in-laws to anyone, I repeat not to anyone! We, women, tend to be very complaining and just to take our anger out we end up bad-mouthing or gossiping about our husbands and in-laws, later we might forget it but the person who we spitted that gossip too will not and tell ten more people with an addition of ten more things to it.
  8. Don’t hide things or lie to your husband, the only time you should lie is how much the new lawn ka suit or how much the new purse which you will most probably only use twice or thrice cost you, otherwise hiding things should be out of the question. A marriage only fails when communication fails! Make sure your husband knows the story before any other source other then you tell him.
  9. Support him; in his downfall and in his success support him. Men are like kids they need self appreciations to keep them moving in life and that too especially from their wife.
  10. Last but not the least; don’t compete with your husband as to who is better, as to who has the last line in the argument. Sometimes staying quite for 5 minutes can do wonders in a relationship. Equality is the best policy.

9 Types of Dancers We See at a Mehndi

One of the very few things people are excited about at a Shaadi is the mehndi dances. No Shaadi is complete without mehndi dances, in fact, the Shaadi actually starts, when the dance practices for the mehndi begins. When there is mehndi, there are dance practices, when there are dance practices there are dancers, the overly hyper excited dancer to the lousy bored dancers to the and the list goes one.

Here are 9 types of dancers we all get to see on every mehndi.

1.The so call leader: That one person who self proclaims him/her self the leader, from how many songs to dance on, who will dance on which song and what steps are be included and excluded. Turns a dance practice into a battlefield.

2.The overexcited one: Wants to dance on all the songs despite the fact he/she is a really bad dancer. Plays the whole game on their Govinda expressions.

3.The robot: Has zero flexibility and is stiff as a stick. You give them any step and they will do it with a straight face and a straight body.

4.The ditcherz: Show up on the first and only dance practice. That is the first and the last of them you will ever see, they are full of excuses, Job mein busy hu, family mein shaadi hai, exams horahy hai yaar!

5.The under pressure choreography:  If you are a good dancer, everybody expects you to come out with magical dance steps in seconds. They put on the song and sit down to look at you with expectant eyes while you stand there for a while saying “Sochnay tou dou” and desperately waiting for some miraculous help. So much pressure!

6.The “important” dancer: The bride’s sister, first cousin, brother in law and best friend, the ones who get all the best songs, solos and front-of-the-line attention, even if they are a bad dancer. It’s just unfair and makes you want to beg your sister/best friend to marry soon.

7.The leftie: The life and death situation at every dance practice, the nerve racking moment to hear at every dance step “Ye right sey karna hai ya left sey?” until someone inevitably shouts “SAB KUCH RIGHT SEY HOGA!” to which there comes a scared voice “Yaar mein leftie hun!

8.The synchronization officer: Who is in charge of making sure all arms, hands and legs move together. Who feels it’s his/her religious duty to keep a watch, all dancers eat, breathe, sleep, drink and if left up to them even poop together!

9.The zaberdasti invited people: Who basically had no idea when they were getting ready for the event, that they will be brought up on stage to perform. And because of the immense pressure and limelight they end up giving a performance of a lifetime

Now you must be wondering which category have you belonged to in your past dance performances in mehndis, and which roles you will opt for in the upcoming mehndis in future


Signs Nobody likes You

Ever wonder what people think of you. Maybe you’re assuming you’re well-liked. Maybe you think people are dying to invite you to their parties. Maybe… just maybe nobody really likes you. You know that can be a huge possibility. It could be anything about you; your personal hygiene or your boring humour or just the way you suck the fun out of everything.
• You see your friends laughing together at something or you see them absorbed in an interesting conversation. They stop in mid-conversation as you approach them and meaningfully glance at each other. That’s a sign they don’t want to let you in on their conversation.
• You text people randomly or for something important, they never text back.
• Nobody ever responds when you make plans on WhatsApp groups. Even if they text back, it’s just to tell you how busy they are.
• Nobody ever calls you up or texts you.
• You’re never invited to parties or weddings nor are you ever asked to hang out. You only get to know what everyone is doing through their check-ins and pictures that they put up on social media.
• Nobody ever comes over to your place. You’re usually disappointed after inviting people over. They never show up.• Your friends have inside jokes which you do not understand.
• You always get to know things about your friends from social media or other people. That’s because no one ever shares anything with you. In fact, people hide stuff from you.
• You ask a question and everyone pretends not to have heard it. Nobody bothers answering.
• People only come to you when they need favours from you otherwise they pretend not to even recognize you. They’ll only come to you when they are in need.
• They make weird faces at the things you say or at your jokes or simply at the way you blink your eyes.
• They pay no attention to your stories nor do they ever congratulate you for any achievement or bother to cheer you up when you are down.
• No one makes eye contact with you instead they prefer playing on their phones while you speak.
• You are lonely and bored on weekends while everyone is out partying.

If all these signs are relatable then you’re definitely, definitely not like. There could be a gazillion reasons why people don’t like you. It could be because of your personal hygiene or your bad breath. It could be because you can’t control your aggressive streak or you argue way too much on senseless topics or you’re downright mean and insensitive towards other people. You could lack basic manners and not realize that. You could have ridiculous humour or you can’t stop judging everyone around you or you could be a party pooper and simply boring.


Overlooked Mental Disorders

The brilliant Dr Syeda Maria Bukhari, a dedicated psychologist, unravelled a subject rarely ever discussed. She shed significant light upon mental disorders, their symptoms, aetiology and treatment. It was shocking to learn that there has been a rise in mental illnesses in Pakistan. Most patients never get diagnosed due to a lack of awareness of the subject. Patients get no treatment and almost always suffer till they die. What a horrible revelation! People are suffering all around us and we are quite oblivious to their plight. The loved ones around a patient judge him/her to be crazy and self-centred. Most assume the sufferer to be afflicted by the supernatural. They are either left alone or taken to peers to find a spiritual cure. This is a tiny effort to create some awareness for the oblivious ones and for those who suffer in silence.

There are over 200 classified mental disorders. This article talks about a common few like:
• Depression
• Anxiety disorders
• Bipolar disorder
• Schizophrenia

Depression is the most undermined mental illness. It is just characterized as persistently low mood and a loss of interest. But it is so much more than that. It is an actual illness that affects many; men and women. The average length of a depressive episode is 6-8 months. Sadness, mood swings, hopelessness, guilt, angry outbursts and loss of interest in pleasurable activities are a few symptoms of depression.
It is further subdivided into:
• Major depression
• Persistent Depressive disorder
• Bipolar disorder
• Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
• Psychotic Depression
• Postpartum Depression
• Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
• Situational Depression
• Atypical Depression

Depression physically affects in numerous ways. The patient feels unexplained aches, weight loss/gain, change in appetite, tiredness or lack of energy and sexual problems. There are sudden behavioural changes. He/she finds it difficult to honour commitments withdraws from people, self-harms and indulges in substance abuse. Decision making, concentrating, remembering are all difficult for a person suffering from depression. Delusions and hallucinations also occur in severe forms of depression.
Depression has numerous causes. It can be caused by genes, a chemical imbalance in the brain and hormonal changes. It can even be caused by seasons. Traumatic experiences like assault, abuse, accidents, life-threatening situations and childhood traumas also trigger depression in many people.
Depression is treatable. Intervention by loved ones is important. If you feel a certain loved one around you has these symptoms or you have any of these symptoms, please visit a psychologist for diagnoses. Along with that exercising, eating healthy and changes in lifestyle also help in eradicating this disorder.

The next disorder on this list is:

Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks:

Some of the most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorders are:
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
This disorder is basically feeling anxious and fearful for no reason.
Panic disorder
People suffering from panic disorders have unpredictable panic attacks triggered by unknown reasons.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
Obsessions and repetitive activities like washing your hands over and over again.
The person suffering from phobias is intensely fearful of harmless objects.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
PTSD causes flashbacks and nightmares of traumatic experiences and makes the patient relive those agonizing moments over and over again.

A few symptoms of anxiety disorders are; nervousness, panic, sweating, trembling, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, trouble sleeping and gastrointestinal problems. Causes of anxiety disorders aren’t fully understood. They are most probably triggered by traumas or genes. Cognitive-behavioural therapy is very effective in treating these disorders.

Bipolar Disorder:
It is also known as manic-depressive disorder. Most people suffering from this disorder cycle between depression and mania. A few symptoms are; rapid, loud and uninterruptable speech, hyperactivity, decreased sleep, excessive spending, hypersexuality and substance abuse.
It is caused by genes, environment and dysfunction of neurotransmitters in the brain. It is treated by medication prescribed by a practising doctor.

Schizophrenia is caused by factors like genes and environment. Schizophrenic people have different brains as compared to people who do not suffer from schizophrenia. There are fewer connections between brain cells and the parts of the brain that deal with memory are smaller. Schizophrenic patients have various emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems.
A person suffering from schizophrenia may have impaired communication, abnormal motor behaviour and lack of ability to function. This includes a lack of emotions and neglecting personal hygiene. They have delusions based on false beliefs, they assume to be harassed or famous. They could assume certain gestures are made against them whereas, in reality, those gestures have nothing to do with them. They have hallucinations, they hear and see things which are not real but for them they are real. Voices coerce them to inflict pain on themselves or others around them.
People suffering from this disorder have no concept of the reality around them. They live in a world of their own which adversely affects them and their loved ones. If the patient is left untreated this disease can worsen and can end in suicide or aggressive behaviour. If you see symptoms of schizophrenia in someone around you, talk to them and try to convince them to seek help from a mental health professional. It may be hard to convince the sufferer but it is absolutely essential that they receive medical help.