Two bomb blasts have killed at least 10 people in the Lebanese capital, Beirut

Two bomb blasts near the Lebanese capital, Beirut, have wreaked havoc and killed at least 10 people.
According to Arab News, the blasts that took place on Tuesday afternoon shook different parts of Beirut and thick clouds of smoke were seen rising from the city center.
Beirut residents said the blast shattered windows and glass of buildings and shattered the ceilings of several houses.

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan has said that “a large number of civilians have been injured in the blasts.”
According to Arab News, the blasts took place near the port of Beirut, damaging buildings on a large scale for miles. A small explosion and fire were reported in the area before the big blast.
In the videos of the blasts, it can be seen that the second blast was very horrible and its sound was heard far away. People ran out of restaurants and houses screaming.
According to Lebanon’s state news agency, a fire broke out in a warehouse of fireworks at the port.