10 Relationship Advice from a Married Woman!

As people say, ““shaadi woh laddoo jo na khaaye woh pachtaye, jo khaaye woh bhi pachtaaye” now it’s on you how you want to pachtaofay in this mithai ki dukaan and which specific laddu you want to have in life.  Just to make it a little easier for the ones who recently have eaten that laddoo (it can be till ka lado, moti chooor ka laddo, besun k laddu etc)

Here are the 10 tips or advises:

  1. Don’t get married!
  2. If you do, then don’t lose yourself in the marriage. Understand yourself, your self-importance, goals and achievements. You got married doesn’t mean you mentally devote yourself to each other, emotionally yes! Mentally a big no.
  3. Don’t follow the advice of others on how you should live your married life. You are in the marriage with only one other person (hopefully) take his advice not others, mutually discuss how to make things better in your marriage.
  4. Compromise is a two-way game.
  5. Respect his space and make him respect yours. Leave him alone to watch his favourite game and allow yourself to have your own me-time. In simple words; don’t be a chipku wife!
  6. Don’t depend on your husband completely for finance. Yes, no doubt it’s his obligation to financially support you but give that poor man a break! Feel the satisfaction of earning and spending your own money without being answerable to him on why you brought another lawn ka suit when you already have closest full of them.
  7. Never bad-mouth about your husband and in-laws to anyone, I repeat not to anyone! We, women, tend to be very complaining and just to take our anger out we end up bad-mouthing or gossiping about our husbands and in-laws, later we might forget it but the person who we spitted that gossip too will not and tell ten more people with an addition of ten more things to it.
  8. Don’t hide things or lie to your husband, the only time you should lie is how much the new lawn ka suit or how much the new purse which you will most probably only use twice or thrice cost you, otherwise hiding things should be out of the question. A marriage only fails when communication fails! Make sure your husband knows the story before any other source other then you tell him.
  9. Support him; in his downfall and in his success support him. Men are like kids they need self appreciations to keep them moving in life and that too especially from their wife.
  10. Last but not the least; don’t compete with your husband as to who is better, as to who has the last line in the argument. Sometimes staying quite for 5 minutes can do wonders in a relationship. Equality is the best policy.