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08 things you should do while travelling North of Pakistan.

This post is a compilation of my favourite go-to resources for finding things to do in the north. These are some fun and productive things that can help you find a last-minute hike on a sunny Saturday, or give you tools and ideas for developing your own list of resources.

The glaciers, mountains and waterfalls are all about raw, sublime power. On the other hand, natural wonders such as the northern lights, the fjords and quiet mountain plateaus highlight KPK’s serene qualities.

When you’re getting outside in the north, be sure to dress warm and take precautions! And be prepared to warm up when you get inside! Have a cup of hot chocolate with little marshmallows on top!

8. Connect and communicate:

People living there are hostile and would definitely love to start an effective conversation. They could even invite you to their residence for dinner or a nice meal. And trust me, you wouldn’t wish to say no to them because their dishes are really unique and tempting. People often are afraid to start a conversation with the locals because they fear Taliban but no, they’re not them. The locals will welcome you wholeheartedly that’ll make you forget your fears.

One thing I always experience is whenever I tell them I’m from Karachi, I found not a single person who didn’t say this

‘Hum bhi Karachi gaya hai, Bohat pyara shehar hai”

7. Eat ice-cream when it’s drizzling:

Perks of eating ice-cream in northern areas of Pakistan? It won’t melt and drip over everything when you’re outside.I have yet to meet anyone who never loved to eat ice cream (besides my brother, who’s clearly lying to himself). Sadly, many of even the most enthusiastic ice cream aficionados believe in the myth that one should only eat ice cream in the Summers. Why even? They are missing out big time. Of course, I like cooling down with a cone of soft serve, cookie dough, or coffee Oreo (my personal favourite) on a hot summer’s day. But I also firmly believe that north is the best place to eat ice cream, or when it’s drizzling there then maybe even the best time.

6. Freeze your drinks in the natural freezer or streaming water.

If you’ve been to North of Pakistan and you didn’t freeze your drinks in snow or streaming water then you missed half the fun. There’s no better freezer than the snow or cold streaming water in Northern Areas. Just take any net bag and put your drinks inside it. Tie your bag with a heavy stone and let flow your net bag into the water (Make sure the water pressure is slow there or else you’ll be having no drinks). Or just dig up a hole in the snow and fill that hole with your drinks. Cover the hole with more snow and don’t forget to put a mark over it or you’ll end up digging many places before getting hands on your own drink lol.

5. Wear Pakistani traditional dresses.

Everyone prefers wearing western dresses on their visit to exquisite places of North of Pakistan. But out of all your days of stay, take one day to wear your favourite Pakistani traditional/cultural dress. The vibrant colours of traditional/cultural dresses will daze people’s gaze for at least once. And there will be no compromise on pictures because the bright colours of your dress would astound the beholding sceneries behind you.

4. BBQ

BBQ in the Northern Areas is never a bad idea or maybe people have never tried it yet. Just because the Mercury has taken a plunge doesn’t mean you can’t still fire up your Crown Verity Grill and enjoy the amazing tastes that your world-class BBQ has to offer. If you’ve concerns for how many hours it’ll take in order to get your meat cooked, don’t worry, there are ways. Half cook your BBQ meat or mix meat tenderizer, your BBQ meat will be served in your dishes in no time! But do try this, better if you find a waterfall spot for BBQ, you’ll get better astounding pictures too with eye-catching nature.

3. Camping

Camping is, admittedly, not for everyone, but it’s also not as tough as many people think. You probably are not going to get eaten by a bear or start a forest fire. Camping is difficult but it’ll leave an ever-lasting impact on your mind for how did you survive the night in that camp, freezing and afraid of dying by the cold breezes but it actually was nothing but your fear. Camping is actually fun and camping in aesthetic places of northern areas of Pakistan would be even more fun. So what are you waiting for?

2. Tic tac toe:

What about a good game in the snow? You’ve all heard of tic tac toe but have you ever tried playing it on the snow? Well, you can. Here’s how. Two players go for the championship in this classic game. Use crisscrossed sticks and pinecones or leaves as game pieces. All you have to do is draw grids in the snow with a stick and use sticks instead of ticks and pinecones or leaves instead of a cross. Enjoy!

1. Themed/Destination Wedding:

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their life’s most important event at land in which the natural elements perpetually dance between the primordial poles of hot and cold, during dayless winters and nightless summer months? It’ll be cold, it definitely will be. But think of the pictures and decorations you’ll get to do for your wedding in such a place? Plus, no cost for banquets/halls/hotels lol.

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